Junk Trip

Anniversary Junkin’ Trip


As you can see from the photo above, the name Junque Drunk says it all!  Yes, that’s the name of the place we visited on our anniversary trip this weekend.  I did some google research for towns in the area of our hotel & found this one first.  I then found the Facebook page.  This isn’t far from the Williamsburg (Iowa) outlet mall on I-80, South to Parnell & oh so worth the few extra miles.  There was a bin full of faucet/valve knobs where about a dozen came home with me along with a cool old rail gauge.  Anni the owner is super friendly & helpful, almost like she can tell what you’re interested in!


Here’s a picture of only some of the stuff outside.  See the tall, yellow almost surveyor stands peaking up?  Things are grouped by price ~ how easy is that?


This is one wall of inside the shop ^  See the Monopoly money?  Another super clever pricing guide!  Ooooo, see the logo tee shirt?  These are new, she’d just gotten her first shipment.


We then went into Williamsburg.  Anni at Junque Drunk told of some places I hadn’t found during my google search.  Junked Up can also be found on facebook.  It had some great things from super old to rusty to new-made-to-look-old things.  My phone camera didn’t take great pictures inside, darn it, but add this place to your list when you’re in the area!


Ok, so what does a meat locker have to do with junkin’?  Nothing really but my Junk Hunk was hungry for some beef sticks & asked to stop in.  How could I say No?  He’s very patient with me & all my searching for junk.  We both agreed the owner, her Dad & others there were some of the friendliest people we’d met in a long time!  They were in touch with the kids of the original owner & got some old hand written recipes & tools they plan to display soon.  These are the stories we love!


After I long, hard day of junkin’ we headed to the Amana Colonies to Phat Daddy’s for some oven grilled pizza that the lady at Junked Up said was super yummy….and it was!   This is a super casual place: order @ the counter & put your own dishes away so if you want a full service eatery, this isn’t for you.


We started off Saturday to Sisters Garden & Bloom North of Kalona {Iowa}.  We’ve been here before so that should be a tip : it’s great!  As you can see there is SO much outside: weathered, chippy metal & wood pieces like a chicken coop, parrot cages, windows, mantels, benches & so much more…  Then, once inside it’s mix of reproduction vintage posters, fun magnets, candles, old books, jewelry, etc. all displayed  in neat ways on worn cabinets and retro dressers & then upstairs of the white house are some amazing kids & baby items.


One last thing to share:  Junk Hunk spied this old, wheeled cart at Sisters…it’s so very close to the one I have that he calls my ‘homeless cart’.  It’s a standard joke now when we go to flea markets = I don’t leave home without my homeless cart, ha.  Honestly, it’s one of my top treasured junk things I have & can you believe my Dad found it at Goodwill for $3.49?  For true junker’s like me, that is a real Win/Win!  Happy Junkin’!



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