Hi Junkin’ Friends !

junk market

Welcome to Junk Makes The Soul Happy dot com!  The word junk will be used very loosely here & is meant in the very nicest  of ways.  We’re talking about all things vintage, retro, antique and everything in between!

The junk bug first bit me in 2008 when I attended one of the Junk Market {see the old sign above ^ } sales in Long Lake, MN with a friend.  The image of their event is beautifully deep in my brain.  I still love & display the artillery basket I bought there.  Today you might know it as the transformed Junk Bonanza!

Are you one of those people who get that fluttering feeling of when you find that one piece, discovered among what others might see as rubbish, that just calls your name?  It could be the start of a fun collection, that perfect thing to add to your existing collection or maybe you don’t know what to do with it but you know you can’t live without it.  That’s it, that’s the feeling I mean!  It’s great, isn’t it?

This blog is a collection of junkin’ places & more along the way that I get to share with you. Places I’ve been, places that are on the list {swoon} & places that might only ever be on my list but with luck you can put it on your list!  So please enjoy the snap shots and posts that will hopefully make your junk-y soul happy.


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