One of the TOP Flea Markets >>> THIS Weekend

Yes, yes, yes it’s THIS weekend!  The What Cheer Flea Market’s first event for 2016 is set to start TOMORROW & go through Sunday!  I posted about this fantastic place a while back { check that out below } & honestly, it is SO worth visiting at least once in your life time.

The first time there for me was so long ago I can’t remember it but there have been some great memories made with family & friends during those trips.  I held onto a cloth, hand-made doll for years well beyond the 80’s decade it was purchased only because it brought back memories of being there with my newly married Junk Hunk.  I remember the RR sign my friend Julie bought there while we shielded her little girl from the gritty sand flying around on a terrible windy day.  And the multi-colored, mini, long-stemmed flowers I bought from Country Blessings { Jefferson, IA } that are still today in a white, metal vase.

If you didn’t find something to take home while you where there, you should at least have a funnel cake.  Juggling your bottled water with a plate full of powdered-sugar coated funnel cake on a flimsy paper plate is half the fun.  There are other yummy foods there as well.  And you could entertain yourself people watching if the weather cooperates 🙂  So see, there is more to do than you thought.

As far as the actual vendors & their wares, the variety is huge!  There is no way possibly put a list of things you will see so instead I’d highly suggest googling What Cheer Flea Market images & looking at their Facebook page photos for the real stuff.  My wish list consists of things I can’t resist, like old picture frames, ceramic bunnies & chickens, linens, baskets & garden-ie things.  What makes your heart skip a beat?

Remember to haggle too!  Lots of people don’t realize that the price listed on the sale item is probably not their ‘best price’ i.e. lowest amount they will take.  Sometimes there is no price at all.  If they see you interested, the vendor might shoot you a price & there, that’s your chance to snag it for less!  I will definitely post about that subject in detail later, I’m going to give you some great tips on how to haggle without offending anyone so be on the look out for that soon!

I won’t keep you any longer, that way you check scope out all the fun things to see & do during the What Cheer Flea Market.  See you there!

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