We made it >>> to What Cheer !

It was not in our weekend plans.  I already had the day off for other reasons, but they changed.  After taking my Mom & Aunt to an eye appointment & getting some groceries, my Junk Hunk called.  What a great surprise 🙂  We got off work early & said, ‘When you get home let’s go to What Cheer {flea market} & you can pick our your Mother’s Day & Birthday gifts’.  Who can say ‘No’ to that?  Well, as you can guess I didn’t so around 1:30 we headed North!

Here are a couple pictures from today’s adventure:

We ran into the Hutt’s with Poods Picks, from Albia, IA & I picked up a down spout screen for her.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it but I’ve never seen one in person & I just love the look of it; sort of looks like a crown.  At one of my favorite vendors {no name that I know of/no sign} I found a tiny Pyrex butter dish in Amish Butterprint {with the aqua rooster} and a clear lid, a vintage lap blanket: cotton fabric on one side & flannel on the other in a small, square block pattern, a large turquoise and white cotton table cloth with what I think are geraniums in yellow and peach colors & three vintage, embroidered dish towels.  I asked if she would give me a ‘bundle’ offer, she & her hubby giggled & we all agreed with like Frank from American Pickers.  She was very gracious & my discount was $12.00 < score 🙂  But THE best deal was within the first two minutes of walking onto the track: a double, galvanized wash tub on a stand.  Here’s a stock photo so you know what I mean:

wash tubs

The one we snagged has rust-colored legs, so that will have to change but otherwise it’s in great shape &…..{drum roll}……….I got him down $10.00 to $70.00!!!  My heart was beating a bit faster after we left it with the vendor to pick up later.  I just couldn’t believe our good luck.  The rest of the day when we would find another one the price was over twice that.  Junk Hunk & I have both wanted one for awhile but this one is mine <3.  The stand will soon be a vintage aqua color and filled with fresh dirty & pretty flowers, just can’t decide yet which ones/colors.

Well, now that you have a snippet into the fun we had today, you should try to get there yourself. The weather is going to be near perfect for the weekend {compared to some rainy times I’ve experienced} & I’ll keep my finger crossed the funnel cake shack is open {it closed early today & we missed it}.  Happy Junkin’ Junkers!!!


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