For the Kid in All of Us

Have you tried those adult coloring books that are all the buzz?  They are fun & a nice distraction when you want to unwind & nothing else will do.  What color medium do you use?  We’ve tried colors pencils & all types of markers.  After a lengthy google search the younger one & I have finally found out favorites.  We both prefer the Staedtler triplus fineliner pens found @ Amazon & she was lucky to find a 36 color set!  They do not bleed through the paper, which was a big problem when images are printed on both sides of a book.

Now imagine the coloring book and junkin’ worlds combined…..YES, it’s happened 🙂  I’ve been a JunkStock {Omaha, NE} fan for years & was lucky enough to go with Junk Hunk last October.  A few months back I was checking to see if they had anything new on their website {particularly, I’ve made requests for them to sell their tee shirts online, more about that another time} and Wah-Lah : there it was : the Color Me Groovy coloring book! Nancy Case is the artist & WOW did she do a great job!  Her facebook & website links can be found over at JunkStock.  What a great gift this would make for your favorite junker so snap these up & you’ll have a jump start on Christmas!

If any of you get a chance to order & try it out, please let us know what you think!  Still working on pulling a link here so I hope this works:



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