The New Rustique!

Just like junk can go through a metamorphosis, so can junkin’ events!  I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this venue but Rustique Ranch Flea & Vintage Marketplace looked like a great place to find fun junk.  Then I discovered their Facebook page & I’ve been following their posts ever since & dreaming of the day I’d find my calendar open at the same time.  They have made a few changes since the beginning:  now known as Rustique Flea & Vintage Marketplace {minus the Ranch} & their location went from Waukee to Indianola {Iowa}.  Other than that, it appears to have grown & gotten better!

Here’s a couple links to their event coming up this next weekend starting May 21st @ 8am!



Unfortunately, like other days they spread junk cheeriness, I won’t be able to attend.  The youngest one will graduate high school & the party is the next day on Sunday. But, I’m giving you several days notice, allowing enough time for you to make plans to go instead. There is a bit of info & photos on their website {listed above ^}, but oh, their Facebook tells a great story of the fantastic things you are likely to find:  mannequins, retro Christmas decorations, hand-crafted items, chippy furniture, garden things & I notice a picture of an ice cream truck, yum!

If you do get the chance to be there this next weekend, please share what you find/bring home/expericne in the comments; we all can’t wait to hear about it!  Happy Junkin’!


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