Oh, How I Wish…


If you click on the website link above, my wish for you is that you will be as amazed as I was when I first stumbled across it.  I seriously swoon every time I check out what they post!  They also have a Facebook page, it’s just as great if not better.  The festivities are: A Vintage Flea & Fair at The Barn in the Spring & Fall 🙂

Their events have long been on my gotta-get-there list.  So far we’ve always had something else going on that was more important {hard to believe, I know} & this weekend is no different.  As soon as they announced their Spring dates, I pulled out our calendar & it said: Graduation.  So again, more important.  The Fall dates are September 16 & 17th and I can tell you, it better happen for this junkin’ gal {or else}, ha.

If you happen to get there, please share your fun & comments this us here!  Of course, I will share the September dates again later as a reminder & after pictures of us enjoying our time there {no such thing as expectations being too high, I just know it’s going to be a blast}.  Have a great junkin’ time, Junkers!

a vintage flea & fair

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