Like an Old Friend

Hey Junk Lovers:

I was recently contacted by Mike at Iowa Antique Network asking for a link exchange.  Who can so no to that?  Well, if I checked my new email more often I would have been able to tell you to get over to the JunqueFest in Webster City over the Memorial Day weekend; darn it.  Can you believe they had over 7,000 junk attendees?  That’s fantastic!  This will definitely be something we will be reminding you about next time!

Then come to find out his main contribution is websites, like the Iowa Antique Network.  What a coincidence, I’ve used this website more times than I can count.  When I find a fun event, I’ve often used their vast amount of vendor information to try & find other things going on in the area.  It’s easy to navigate, you just have to see for yourself.  And, can you believe, it’s not just Iowa, they also have Minnesota {close to my heart}, South Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri & Kansas networks.  Mind blowing, huh?  You can’t have too much junk, antiques, etc.

Here are some links below so grab some iced tea, a cool spot, sit back & loose yourself in the fabulous-ness of there websites & Facebook pages 🙂  As always, share with us if you’ve also used their website & what you like best.




~  Happy Junkin’ Friends


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