Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt

Hello Junk Lovers!

Did any of you get to the Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt?  I did!  Didn’t think I’d make it this time but my folks had seen it advertised in the paper & were intrigued.  My Dad is the one who taught me the fine art of bargaining with a vendor {a lesson that has served me well since about the age of 10} & boy could he call their bluff!  So Saturday morning we headed out.

We had the printed map & started with The Junk Parlor Barn:


Above is the first vision of the Barn location of The Junk Parlor, North of Centerville on an old country road.  I love taking pictures of the first image I see when visiting an event for the first time: it always triggers the memories of a great trip 🙂


As you can see, the Barn is FULL!  This is where you can find the patina, chippy & worn items that can be used for simple display or combine & make your own one-of-a-kind item or Pinterest project.  Joanna & the Junk Hunk {with an official tee shirt to prove it ~ I’ll have to get my Junk Hunk one}, the owner’s friend & hubby, were keeping an eye on everything here.


Here is The Junk Parlor, found in Centerville, Iowa & Brooke Johnson is the owner.  She started the business at the Barn location where she was open occasionally but soon found the lovely old church in town and decided to expand.  We are so glad she did!  She’s also been on the road so her business might sound familiar to some of you.  The Junk Parlor has been a vendor at JunkStock, Junk Bonanza & more.  This location is more like a retail store with items that Brooke herself has painted & what I like to call zhuzhed up.  Here’s a couple more picture of inside the church location:



Thanks to Brooke for allowing me to take pictures!  It was fun to meet her & her helper {I think maybe it was her Mom?}, they are super nice people & of course it’s always fun to “talk shop” i.e. about the items in the store & the fun places we’ve been.

Unfortunately, this is the only two places were visited.  You see, my Dad has Alzheimer’s so a little goes a long way & although it was good therapy for him to get out of the house he was ready to go home.  There’s always next time so I’ll try to get more vendors featured when this rolls around again!  Happy Junkin’ Everyone!


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