Rutledge Flea Market, Missouri

You can’t get more rural that the Rutledge Flea Market, outside of Rutledge, MO.  Would would have guessed that a Dog & Gun Auction would turn into a nationally know flea market?  Over 50 years ago that’s just where the history of this place started.  Now days you’ll find a few dogs {puppies} & even chickens, Saw-It-On-TV  thingamajigs, antiques, manly tools & good junk.
I first visited there in 2012.  I had heard of the transformation the place had made & become a true, dusty road flea market & I was super excited.  This was the first time I’d thought of taking pictures of the first images of the place.  It has severed to be a great way to recapture the memories of our trips; brings back all the butterfly feelings.
It almost looks like a camp ground; I swooned over all the classic tiny campers that are sprinkled all over the grounds.  I’m not sure of the story behind them but many appear to sadly be abandoned.  In one of the shared pictures below you’ll see a pair of turquoise vintage metal lawn chairs next to one.  No one was around to ask about them or I likely would have come home with them given the chance.
At the time, I had a junk store with my sister-in-law & it was a complete score when I found the red hoe wheels.  I have a green one, simply stuck into the ground in front of my iris’; it’s the perfect compliment to the spike leaves of the iris.
The Boston Terrier’s pictured were with their ‘Dad’ on a four wheeler & couldn’t have been cuter.  Libby & Louis were having a very good time riding around & getting very good doses of attention.  I could have snatched them up too.
The picture of the chair, old floral painting, vase, horseshoe & black metal waste basket {Junk Hunk made it into a lamp – way cool} were some of what came home with me.  Ironically, this same chair {& vendor} had been at the What Cheer Flea Market a few weeks before that & I had passed it up because the vendor didn’t haggle.  This time I couldn’t help but pay the sticker price; it was a sign it was meant to be mine, right?  I thought so anyway.  It’s now a pretty dove grey & the seat is a white/yellow/black/grey floral print.
So how many of you remember the flea marketing being the dog & gun show?  Have you been there lately?  What fun things have you seen &/or brought back?  Enjoy the photos, Junkers!

Rutledge first viewRutledge vintage chairs

Rutledge red rortary hoe wheels

Rutledge chickens

Rutledge Libby and Louis

Rutledge junk heaven

Rutledge loot


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