All of a sudden there is Junk?

pop art women gossip

When exactly did junk take over?  Sure, there have been antique shops, flea markets and auctions for a zillion years & now there is a new neighbor in town called junk!   Junk is now hot & everywhere!  It got me to thinking, was is junk & who defines it?  Here’s one idea:


Definition of junk. 1 : pieces of old cable or cordage used especially to make gaskets, mats, swabs, or oakum.

No, that’s not what I’m looking for.  I was concerned, did junk take over the term for antique?  No, but that made me dig deeper.  Maybe it has to do with age?  Of course!  A chicken trough {commonly popular at these junk events & used as a planter for mini-pink geraniums} is far from being an antique.  So what category do you put it in? Antique?  No.  Vintage?  Hardly. There isn’t a respectful antique shop would sell such a thing. It’s not a snob thing, I have the utmost respect for antiques & their dealers, my folks were avid collectors!  There’s just a line that they don’t normally cross.
This lead me to doing some research:  An antique translates to being really old, customarily at least 100 years old.  Then there’s the term vintage, with an age of 20 or more years but not as old as Grandpa.  Retro is another adjective meaning out of style but no real age  related number {lucky little word}. As far as junk goes, don’t you think it criss-crosses all these labels?
Junk is a term all it’s own!  Whatever it is that catches your eye, whether it’s 15-115 years old, rusty, chipped or simply forgotten, it has charm & you can see it’s potential.  Maybe it is an 80 year old butter churn that might fetch more at an auction house or antique show but someone got it from their Great Aunt Gertie’s barn & has no idea what it’s worth.  She gave it to her nephew & now he’s at ‘JunkClub Exchange’ & you just have to have it.
That could be why we love junk, we see it & utilize it to fit our needs.  So next time you visit your favorite or a completely new junkin’ event, we sure to appreciate being able to say, I love junk & it makes my soul happy!


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