Wapello Flea Market

Junk Hunk Hubby spent more than I did……

Always on the lookout for new adventures in junk, I usually search online to find places we haven’t visited yet. We had the Walnut Antique Show, in Walnut, Iowa on our radar for months; even had hotel reservations.
One night I found a nice article, featuring the top six have-to see Iowa flea markets. There were pictures & great details of some fun looking venues & the Wapello FM was on the list. We decided to change plans & we made a day trip to Wapello instead.  Off we drove, heading East, at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. The forecast was for temperatures to be in the 90’s {after living here since 1986 I still am not acclimated to the humidity & unfortunately there is no hope of that changing either} so we knew it would be better to get there early. The flea market had only been open an hour and a half when we got there, near perfect timing. It was sunny but a nice breeze was blowing & so far still in the 70’s!  I also spied that a good number of the vendors were in the shade, can you believe that?  It’s almost unheard of!  They use the “red salebarn” where vendors are set up in one building that has two opens sides, others have tables of their wares outside or under table tents & then some are actually set up inside the animal stalls, giving it a quaint quality : the farm odor was very minimal 🙂  Large fans inside keep the air moving too.
I went out of my comfort zone & struck up a conversation with a sweet, white-haired woman. She said her & her husband had been vendors for 35 years until he was no longer able to make their specialty wooden items. I asked about the number of vendors that day since it didn’t seem to be very full.  She mentioned something about the place changing managers & went about her way.
After scoring a cute, off-white frame {yes, more frames} I asked the lady while she was sacking it up if this was the normal amount of vendors when the flea market was open. She said, “Oh, no!  We’ve been set up here since April & this is the slowest it’s been. There must be something else {another event} going on or maybe because it’s Father’s Day weekend.”  {Walnut Antique Shot I wondered.}  I thanked her & wished her luck.
Now I had two different stories, & both plausible. About 90 minutes later, we’d see it all. And can you believe Junk Hunk spent more than I did?  That’s unheard of but I was happy for him.  He & our oldest have a new boat so he picked up some lures, sinkers, etc.  I found a nice cream colored ‘flower pot’ {see the bottom, it has Heager USA imprinted, it looked similar to the McCoy vases I collect; it was $8, I paid $4} , I pretty plate/platter {$2} & the frame {$4, I paid $2).







Here are some other items I found to be nostalgic: a bag of cookie cutters, a canister set, an old metal Coca Cola sign that I loved {normally not my thing – I think it was the patina that I liked}, water well pumps {how cute would it be to put in a garden area?} & then some visuals of the flea market set up.  There was also a couple vendors with potted plants, hanging plants & fresh veggies too.








Last but not least, have you seen Jack & Jill stores before?  Well if not, here is a great retro sign from the store in Wapello.   I threw that photo in, just because I love it!  Junk Hunk thought I was a little off on that one, ha. 🙂 but who isn’t drawn to retro, classic store signs?
Here at JMTSH, we hope everyone was able to celebrate their Father’s Day in their own special way.



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