Magazine Monday

Hi Junkin’ Friends:

I thought we’d try a weekly Monday post & see if you are inspired by…..yes, magazines. I’ll admit, I’m a hoarder of most all publications if I like the subject.  I have newspapers, flyers, business cards, brochures, unique brand tags but mostly magazines.  There is a small, mustard yellow wooden cabinet in our living room that houses most of them {optimal word being most, ha}.  And the topics are many; from home decor to gardening to self enlightenment & more.
Here on Monday’s I’m going to share with you some ‘junk’ magazines.  Did you even know they existed?  Some of you might be familiar with them & that’s great too.  My goal is to share what I like & hopefully you will like them as well 🙂


Flea Market Decor magazine has been one of my favorites for years!  I finally have a subscription so I don’t miss an issue 🙂  You can often find it in the magazine section at grocery stores & larger convenience stores but not in the check-out aisle, darn it.
This is the new Summer 2016 issue, jam packed full of lovely colored pictures.  Having recently been intrigued & doing some research on the history of flea markets, I was thrilled to see an article about Joan & Jim Renninger from Pennsylvania.  They have had flea market events since the 1050’s.  Oh, can you imagine?  They have four locations!  Their true roots are in the antique world yet they say there is something for everyone from “animals to homemade fudge” ~ who wouldn’t want to visit?  You can find more at their website: renningers.net.  You’ll find info on all locations, events & links to their multiple social media sites featuring each location separately; so why not like them all!  Here’s some of the photos from the magazine:

20160627_153240   < cover page of the article

20160627_153452 < jar collection

20160627_153314 < repurposing

20160627_153328 < drinking glasses

Hope there is still a chance you can find this magazine in stores & enjoy it!  If you do, please post a comment & let us all know what you think 🙂

Happy Magazine Reading Junkers!

Special junkin’ thanx to my sources:


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