Do you follow trends?


Trends come in all shapes, sizes & platforms.  Maybe you are a fashionista & like to  copy the latest in style magazines?  Crafting has it own trends as well.  All of a sudden there are coloring books for adults everywhere, even at the Dollar General store.  I wouldn’t say I follow a trend but I’m always curious to know if there is a new craze {which might magnify the magazine situation I mentioned earlier, ha}.
Have you seen succulents making their way around?  I’m thinking the word succulent is being used in broader scope these days.  It now includes the classic hens & chicks that our Grandma’s planted in old, used tea kettles all the way to the fancy, flowering & unusual cactus.  I’ve always loved hens & chicks, have you?  I once planted them in a chicken trough & placed it on the edge of the porch under the railing {cute}.
About a year ago Walmart had some charming, colorful cactus in the garden center.  My younger one & I bought a couple, planted them in houseplant pots we already had & they are still looking good.  Last week our youngest sent me a pin {from Pinterest} with an adorable trio of cactus in terracotta pots.  After looking for the original image, I found them at, of all places, at Home Depot!
It got me to thinking, since they are so very easy to care for & our dogs haven’t given them a second glace, they could be know as the new philodendron & ivy of the house.  Do any of you have traditional houseplants?  Do any of your pots contain succulents?  Won’t you share with us your favorite trends, what stuck around & what didn’t?  Below are a  few images I found while scouring for lovely planting examples {housebyhoff.com/via pinterest/camillestyles.com/deborahjeansdandelionhouse.blogspot.com/scjohnson.com}.  Happy Plant Junking!

vintage-container-succulent-planters-2 housebyhoff.compyrex succulent via pinterestcamillestyles.com rolo cups with pom poms succulentsdeborahjeansdandelionhouse.blogspot.com mason jar succulentsCathe-Holden_Creative-Succulent-Containers-Image-2_June2015 SCJohnson.com


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