Presenting…Poods Picks !

Hey Junking Lovelies:

I’ve been waiting & waiting to introduce you to a great place to find great junk!  Susanne @ Poods Picks knows her stuff!  She started selling a few items over Facebook {genius} in 2012 to see how it was going to go & go it did!  Soon she was selling occasionally out of her garage & signing up as a vendor at some of Iowa’s great flea market & antique events.  Now she’s expanded & has a fantastic selection in the South part of The Hall Tree on Centerville, Iowa square.
She has dreams of wanting to expand her business & shared some keen comments about the industry too.  Get details, find out how she came up with the business name & more in my feature article in this week’s Collectors Journal!  Here’s a few pictures to taunt you 😉 {& my first try @ the slide-show pictures}! Whatcha think?

Poods Picks’ Facebook is here:

Get your subscription to Collectors Journal here:

Happy Junk Hunting!



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