How about Armchair Junking?

There’s nothing worse than having plans for a flea market on a Saturday morning & wake up to thunder storms.  What if it’s time to pay the mortgage & driving 100 miles to your favorite antique mall isn’t in the budget?  Or maybe your arthritis or back pain flared up & walking through the aisles of junk is not the best idea today?  Here’s an idea= when you are stuck in the house with the urge to junk, grab your debit card, laptop & curl up for some armchair junking!  These are a few of my favorite places where we can still get our junk fix:

ebay @ http://www.ebay.com/

Maybe you can’t wait to find the perfect companion to the pink McCoy tulip vase…go ahead, search eBay!  Simply typing in ‘McCoy’ brings around over 45,000 listings & unfortunately it’s not all pottery!  Narrow your search by using some key words:  pottery, china, vintage, retro; add more definition with words such as vase, planter or mug & go further with colors you love.  After just a few different combinations, you’re likely to find something that catches your eye.  If not, use the feature ‘follow this search’ & get an email alert when that exact match you want gets added!

etsy  @ https://www.etsy.com/

The beauty of this website is that it’s instant gratification!  You do have options with ebay: bid or buy now but invariably, what I usually want is bid only with that chance you’ll be outbid.  Etsy does not use the bidding system, items are for purchase now.  Originally meant to offer hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces from crafters & artists it’s now evolved into vintage & hard-to-find items as well.  Be careful though, overseas sellers are creeping in on this unique market.

farmhouse wares @ http://farmhousewares.com/

In one of my favorite magazines {yep, my interests are somewhat limited 🙂 } their ad immediately caught my eye & I’ve been a fan ever since!  I have a few pieces: their farmhouse stoneware measuring cup set was just what I was looking for to replace some outdated plastic ones & the metal wall mounted post mailbox in aqua is the perfect accent above our bedroom side table.  They even have a ‘Flea Market’ tab to find those items quick!  You won’t be disappointed in their collections!

This will certainly be enough for you to get started in your armchair junking adventures!  It’s a great resource as well for price comparisons.  Let me know if any of you have some luck 🙂

Happy Junking @ Home!



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