Magazine Monday featuring: Vintage Style circa 2013

Hey Junk Readers!

As you might have read, we’re moving ahead with Magazine Monday!  I’m tickled to get my stash out of the cupboard & share some of my favorite articles with you 🙂   Driving to the big city yesterday with two of my best loveliest yesterday, we couldn’t help but be in awe of the flower gardens in full bloom right now.  The colors are all over the place, so many shapes & sizes with some in perfect alignment & others free form.  It got me to thinking of all the great ways to bring them indoors to enjoy.
Here’s a great piece with gorgeous photos of common garden flowers in un-common containers & you might have these or something similar sitting around.  I encourage you to  be brave & use out of the ordinary items around your home, cut some lovely flowers & play around. You’re bound to find a style you love.  Now, let’s get inspired with Vintage Style magazine, Summer 2013 issue {remember, you might look to ebay / etsy for this magazine & others!} :


Vintage Style Magazine Summer 2013


Floppy-headed hydrangeas anchor the prairie mix in
the center while it’s all corralled in a French flower pail.


The variety of light pink, white, cream & chartreuse green petals
work wonders with the glass vases in all heights; a great grouping.


Great floral arrangements do need a tiny bit of help.  Take a few
tips from professionals & grab these inexpensive supplies to
amp-up your blossoms.


Vessels of all kinds: ceramic, enamel, galvanized & tin are all
great options along with the unusual; top right is an egg holder
on a cake stand & easy to find simple pails {think Dollar General
& use some craft paint to personalize} nailed to a fence are
instantly charming.


Here are some of my favorites: an old soup can, tarnished
silver {doesn’t that almost look like mercury glass?} & even
kids crafted Mason jars happily brings the outdoors inside.

The article includes a surplus of information so if you get your hands on this magazine, you too will want to keep it around for reference & decor on your coffee table!  Send us some of your images of what you use as a “favorite vase” ❤ !

Happy Blooms Junkers ❤

Special thanks to these resources:
Harris Publications {sold} & some publications were purchased by:
Chris Hennessy photography
Marie Albert, writer

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