Rustique Flea & Vintage Market!

Hello Junking Doozies:

While @ What Cheer Flea Market in 2013 I remember being handed the cutest postcard style event announcement for Rustique Ranch Flea & Vintage Marketplace in Waukee, IA.  It was on my calendar for, obviously, a long time & if you’re like me it’s sometimes so hard to choose between fun things to do.  Well, I finally made it & I was worth the wait!

The RRFVM has since had some updates:  1.  it is now in the hands of proud owners: Kathy Howard & Judy Card,  2. renamed to Rustique Flea & Vintage Market &  3.  moved to the Warren Co. Fairgrounds in Indianola, IA.  When Junk Hunk Hubby & I visited a few weeks ago & it was love at first sight.  Their vendors offer such a great variety: vintage, retro, industrial, up-cycled & collectibles.  The event is on flatter ground & has very good parking so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy!

Meeting Kathy & Judy was great!  They are fun & spunky & down to earth.  They love their vendors, “We feel like we are one big family!” > how awesome is that?  I’ve gathered a few pictures & am happy to announce that next weeks Collector Journal newspaper will feature their article with much more about these lively ladies, their plans for the future, more about their events & more pictures!!!

I even met & introduced myself to some of the outstanding vendors, please see where I’ve noted a couple names, pictures & links as well so you too can find them { sad, isn’t it when you aren’t able to find those gems ? }.

Kathy & Judy : Junkin’ Beauties!



I picked up this super adorable mini-pallet with light grey ‘bloom’ from Bloom!  Branwen does amazing work, she & her friend were fun to visit with 🙂 !  Please find her @:


A shot of the vendors = are you drooling yet ?


This great collection of treasures is from Black Sheep Primitives.  Jennifer Comer, the owner, was so nice!  She has plantings in fun, junky containers.  Find her @


This booth had the coolest up-cycled junk!  An old bathtub turned into chairs 🙂


Happy Junking Everyone!


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