Easy as Pie : Magazine Monday

Pie.  Homemade pie.  Mrs. Smith’s pies.  Village Inn pies.  Anyway you slice it, it’s heaven!
When I was very young I didn’t like pie, or I should say the crust.   I guess my palette has changed because I love it now, don’t you?  What’s your favorite: the classic apple, French silk or other fruits?
You might be thinking, what does pie have anything to do with junk?  Well, I found this great article in Flea Market Style {Fall 2015 # 175} & wanted to share it with you:


Which pie flavor is your favorite?


Instructions are included here on how to make this adorable hand cake stand.

20160719_202412_001 - Edited

The Pie Tin Cloche is a project in their ‘Make this!’ regularly featured section!


Who knew: a door knob, pie tin, stove pipe wire & some other materials could be so charming {well, it is, huh}?


The rolling pin activity sounds beginner-friendly & would be great with a vintage, old school mini chalkboard too!


Yummy cherry pie!


All American apple pie pairs perfectly with a classic picnic basket & blue/white vintage china; beautiful!


Pie safe, old jar, silver flatware, simple china & a great selection of pies are picture perfect!


Treat yourself to a simple afternoon refreshment…


Another great ‘Make this!’ project: handmade pot holders with Grandma’s famous recipe!


No one needs an excuse to invite friends over but a pie tasting party sounds sweet to me!


Happy Junk Project Hunting!

Thank You to these Resources:
Heather Bullard, LLC
bakers: Summer Christopher, Tasha Montgomery & Amanda Tongg
Old Glory General Store, Riverside, CA


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