High End Vintage with Sex and the City

When you love flea markets & everything about them as much as I do, you start to notice them in unexpected places.  I’ve long been a fan of the tv show, Sex and the City.  I know, not something you’d expect to be reading on a junk blog, but stay with me!
I tape the shows & watch it  {or I should say the tv is on},  while I’m writing.  Sort of like white noise since I’ve seen all the episodes more times than I care to admit.  So imagine my surprise on Sunday while writing the Magazine Monday post when I look up & see the girls at an outdoor flea market!  ‘When did that happen?’ I thought to myself!  I had to rewind it & find out what lead to this adventure.  Nothing.  It was like they go to flea markets all the time.  They didn’t even talk about where they were or what they were doing.  The actual subject matter was typical sex related all the while enjoying the same pastime as most of us.  Samantha, of all the ladies, carried around a tall, white statue!  She had it tucked under her arm again when they were picking out sandwiches for lunch.  There it was again when they sit down to enjoy a lunch in the park – she was taking it home!

SATC flea market1

SATC flea market lunch
This quickly lead to a google search for other flea market scenes.  Like most searches, it brought up related stories & there was more to learn about SATC that I didn’t know!  Come to find out Sarah Jessica Parker, whose character is Carrie Bradshaw, does the flea market scene in her off hours.  She spied a tutu at a vintage shop for $5.00 & now it’s part of the infamous outfit in the opening scenes when the bus splashes her & shows up again in the first movie.

SATC carrie's tutu
Apparently the medicine cabinet in her apartment is another flea market story.  She & hubby Matthew Broderick were shopping shortly before the filming began for the series when they saw a vintage medicine cabinet but passed it up upon first look, went back to pick it up & found out it had been bought by a ‘tv show’.  When she showed up for filming, there was the cabinet!

SATC medicine cabinet

Here’s to high end vintage & making it work for your style!  Happy Flea Market Finds!!!



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