It’s the right time to collect: Vintage Clocks

Calling all Happy Junkers!  I’m sharing one of my favorite collections…vintage clocks!  I remember both sets of Grandparents visiting us when I was younger & I was always fascinated with their alarm clocks.  There’s a certain charm about them, like the way we refer to their parts as if they were human: a face, arms & legs.  My Mom also shares my love of the workmanship of these classic pieces.
Clocks are very common, how many do you have?  One in every room of your home?  Okay, maybe not the bathroom but I’m sure someone does.  The photos below are to give you inspiration when displaying them: two are from my home & the others are Pinterest {the possibilities are endless} !

This beauty is pale yellow & sweet as can be, she sits next to our tv in the living room.
A mini-collection in the bedroom on a quilt shelf {sorry, the lighting isn’t great in there}.
collection of vintage alarm clocks
Whether they keep time or not {I prefer not} they are timeless.
vintage clocks 2
This is probably my favorite clock display Pinterest picture!
vintage clocks 3
Look at this simple crate style wall shelving this really shows off the prized clocks.
vintage clocks 5
These appear to be vintage but a completely different characteristic of resin or plastic yet glamorous.

We’re off to scout out a new event & vintage shop tomorrow so stay tuned for more!

Happy Weekend Junk Lovers!


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