Blooming in the Living Room


Hey Vintage Up-cycled Junk Lovers!

I just had to do a rewind to when Junk Hunk Hubby & I visited Rustique Flea & Vintage Marketplace & met Branwen with Bloom.  Remember this aqua mini pallet with the matte silver paper blossom that I nabbed a while back?  We discussed many ways to display it but nothing really seemed logical.  Our pre-1900 home still has the original lathe walls so it made hanging this somewhat heavy piece kinda scary.  I even considered adding another piece of furniture over in the corner to take up that wall space & place it on top but I thought it would look too busy.

It was when we finally painted the walls a few weeks ago I decided, my Bloom original had find a nook & fast.  On a whim I propped it up on this cute, little end table, wah lah!  Can you believe I snatched it up at Sister’s Garden & Bloom {fate} !  I’d always thought I wanted to paint the table but our daughter said to leave it, it was dark brown, like our elephant-sized couch & should stay brown.  I couldn’t agree more.  That doesn’t mean it won’t get painted later but for now, I’m liking it!  What do you think?

What’s in your living room that gets the spotlight, up-cycled or re-arranged to give it spark?  Be sure to share!  Happy Blooming Junkers!

Find more Bloom goodness @:  https://www.facebook.com/BloomIowa/?fref=ts



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