Brick & Mortar Co. : an actual store, in Pella, IA

Look at this {you can’t miss it}, it’s one of the first things you see when you go around the corner in the 200th block of Main Street, Pella, IA.  It’s an aqua 1954 Plymouth Belvedere! I’m sharing more pictures here including the cutest vintage silver camper just outside the garage doors where you’ll find costumers & even the occasional wedding party using them as awesome backdrops for photo ops!   >>>>>


Brick & Mortar Co. Vintage Furniture is not your typical junk or antique store but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it.  Their whimsical shoppe is simply adorable with all those big windows &  the ‘Lisas’ have a keen eye for distinctive displays.  You’ll find everything from chippy window panes {I’m sharing mine below}, topiaries, vintage furniture, candles, funky jewelry, baskets, holiday decor & more; it’s always fresh & updated.
Established in 2013, owners Lisa {Rus} Hutchinson & Lisa Ehrhardt opened Brick & Mortar Co. after being friends for just over a month.  They each add their own facet to the business & are selective when choosing shoppe pieces.  Many items are re-purposed, reclaimed vintage & old-look but new to you furnishings & they even have a big warehouse sale every so often.
Here is a small collection of photos I clicked on my last trip there & some from their social media photos.  Please be sure to read the captions, I’ve included my bedroom showcasing a spring-green window pane I snagged last year.

Who could resist a group photo in front of this vintage, campy goodness?
JUNK!  Oh yeah, & these aqua carts are perfect for corralling fire wood for those Fall days ahead! 
Your Junk Hunk can find something here too!
Fall is my Jam, how about you?
This mantle is a fantastic focal piece for most any room; imagine the decorating possibilities?
Yep, that chippy, spring-green window is ours ❤   The minute I saw it, I knew I had to take it home.  You don’t even miss having a headboard with this fun item!


Another great industrial option: so, so many decorating prospects!
Vintage Christmas, chippy cabinet, garland & that view ~ wow!
Personally, I love chickens & olive baskets; mixed in with candles & greenery is perfect.

Vintage & junk lovers alike are going to love it over at Brick & Mortar Co.!  Happy classic shopping, Junkers!

You’ll find the Lisas & all their goodies at:





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