The Cottage House: Minneapolis, MN

Hey Junk Lovers!  Have I got a place for you to fall in love with:  The Cottage House!  I lived many years in Minnesota & to make a long story short, I visited Minneapolis quite often after moving to Iowa. Although I don’t get there as often as I used to, there is no doubt a trip there would not be the same unless it included The Cottage House!
Co-owners Ted and Tim have operated The Cottage House since 2006 and expanded to a neighboring building in 2013.  It’s open the second weekend of each month {with an occassional sale sprinkled in for good measure} with over a dozen vendors who decorate according to that sale month’s theme which include such fun things as Vintage Chic, French Country to Home & Garden! & more.  When the doors are closed, you’ll find Ted painting walls & even floors.  I have often found things there that I’ve not seen anywhere else, honest!  The selection is immense:  amazing home decor, shabby chic furniture & garden ornamentation along with creative design displays you replicate at home or in the least get inspired!
I’ve never left there empty handed & I’m afraid to admit but I never stayed on budget.  It was so worth sacrificing going to a nice restaurant when instead I could get so many wonderful things to take back home.  Oh, & gift shopping!  I could always count on checking off at least one, if not more, items off my Christmas gift list.
The Cottage House is located in a quaint little residential area & hasn’t been renovated into a shop, it is still a cottage where you shop from room to room & floor to floor & even go around the yard in into the garden.  It’s been featured in Twin Cities Lavender Magazine, Midwest Home Magazine & Ted’s handcrafted items have been featured in County Living Magazine.
The first photo is a Mason jar canvas picture that lives in my kitchen.  Now I wish I would have bought more, I’ve had so many compliments, even our son wanted one:


Ted has graciously allowed me to use their photos from Facebook to introduce you to the The Cottage House:

Serious Chandeliers!
Plethora of Garden Goodies!
Dining in Style!
Vintage cabinet full of Jadeite Glassware!
Mix & Match Pieces out on the Sidewalk!
Pastel Christmas!
Blooming with Color!
Storage never looked so good!
Local celebrity Joan Steffend.  Remember the awesome HGTV show Decorating Cents?  That’s her !!!
Corbels : for more than just doorways!

There are a bazillion more pictures on their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/The-Cottage-House-113774165340147/?rc=p

Check out their website for the 2016 Calendar {& themes}, even more about TCH:
a fun page, recipes {from the infamous Echo} & blog:


If any of you junkers ever get there, please share what you snagged & what your experience was like, everyone would love to know!  Happy Minnesota Vintage Shopping Junk Lovers!


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