Up-cycled Fall “Wreath”

Hello Fall Junk Lovers!

Oh, it’s so close to my favorite time of year, Autumn!  Isn’t rust some sort of version of orange?  So any form of junking is the perfect project to get things started.  I like to call my attempts at mimicking other activities as TIY or try-it-yourself.  Trying seems to give me permission to fail, which I’ve done my fair share of, whereas do-it-yourself is more of a command {no thanks}.
I first noticed this image:

Bundt pan fall wreath Pinterst

on someone’s Facebook page a few weeks back {sorry, can’t remember who}.  I was instantly smitten!  The curves of the bundt {cake} pan where perfect, the Fall leaves & burlap ribbon certainly were the ‘frosting’ to this easy design.  I knew I had to make one for myself.
First, to find the bundt pan.  Ok, I thought, how much time do I really have to find this exact {or nearly exact} pan.  There were no events on my radar for three weeks & I thought, would there really be a orange bundt pan just sitting there, waiting for me?  That was unlikely.  So I opted for the arm-chair version of vintage shopping: eBay, member since June 2002  🙂
Happily, I was able to find more than one option.  I was selective, looking for just the right missing-paint marks, the different shade of orange not to mention a good price.  Being impatient I also narrowed my search to the Buy It Now selections, to avoid waiting more days for an auction to end.  The winner was:
bundt pan brick wall

Only giving a tad over $12.00 for it, I was pleased.
Now for some faux Fall decor!  Dollar General was my first place to look.  They had some large acorns & pine cones in a bag for $1.00!  Then Walmart had a middle aisle bin full of Fall baubles on stems for 98 cents each!  I remembered I had some burlap wire ribbon that I thought would work so I stopped shopping.
With the youngest recently off to college, Sunday night I gathered my supplies & started to work.  I first put two stems items together & secured it with a wire twist tie, the ones that you get with bread.  {Are you a twist tie hoarder?  I am & was smart enough to remember my Mom keeping these around!}


I then used another twist tie to make an anchor for one of the cute acorns.  The stem it already had was too stubby & I didn’t want to glue anything for this activity.  I first stripped the paper off one end of the wire, probably ¾ of an inch to make it easier to poke into the styrofoam stem.  It took a little practice but it worked without any commitment.  I’m thinking I might want to zhuzh this ‘wreath’ up in a different way next year so I want to keep my options open.

I then wrapped that tie to the other side of one of the floral stems on the back to secure it.  See the orange & off white ties below?

Above is the front view now that I added the acorn.  Much better!  It really evens it out.

I then threaded the burlap ribbon through the back of the fall floral piece & then through the middle of the bundt pan.  This took a little fiddling around.  The ribbon fit tightly in/out of the stem so to get it positioned more on top of the pan took a few minutes.  I had the pan on its side, lying down & even propped up to then get it tied in a knot.

Up until now, this frame was alone on the door between our living room & spare room downstairs.  It was just waiting for something seasonal to brighten up the space.  There were already two small nails in the door so I put the ribbon on each so it looks like an upside down triangle.  The cool aqua really compliments the Autumn tones of the “wreath”.  It was going to go on the front door but the metal clinked against the window & I was not willing to test it further. What up-cycled projects do you have waiting for you to finish?

Happy Vintage Junk Hunting!

~ Lora @ Junk Makes The Soul Happy




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