Magazine Monday ~ Prairie Style

This magazine is special, not just because it’s the ‘Special Issue 2016’ but because it’s full of great decorating ideas & phenomenal color-rich photos.  It is not a subscription type publication, you’re only going to find it the book/magazine section.  Issued at least once a year, if not more often, it’s from the publishers of the long standing County Sampler magazine.
I’m putting a different twist on Magazine Monday today.  Instead of focusing on one article, I’m giving you spinets from the entire thing.  You’ll see all the beautiful pages & want to see more!  Isn’t that what buying the magazine is all about?  Savoring the details page by page, reading the words to make sure you don’t miss anything important & looking to see if anything might fit in with your style.  Sure not all designs will catch your eye but I’ve learned to pay close attention to the details.
Many times I spy a lamp or pillow or even a bauble on a table that I really like, even though the trend displayed might be Mid-Century or American Traditional.  It’s really about what you like & how you can incorporate it into your space.
I encourage you to be pick up the Prairie style magazine today, you’re bound to find something in it to give you inspiration.

20160903_191018 (1)
Prairie style ~ Special Issue 2016 issue ~ available now!
Who wouldn’t want to spend some time on this porch?
The farmhouse trend….take a look at this article.
20160903_191208 (1)
Guest room or waiting for grand kids to stay over?  Either way it’s adorable.
I chose this picture because of the vintage fan, the aqua wall hanging & chippy desk…what’s your favorite?
Shiplap 101
This is probably my favorite: the corrugated metal ceiling, the French doors, quilts, scale, aqua wall, light fixture & fabric sign ~ swoon!
This reminds me of images from flea markets…
20160903_191331_001 (1) - Edited
The lines of the wood-ceiling accent make this reading nook very cozy.
20160903_191723_001 - Edited
A gorgeous entry way for a wedding.

As you can see from these few pictures, it might be a clock, some stacked old books or something as simple as a few flowers, look around, your style can be influenced by all kinds of images whether in a magazine, on a long table at a flea market, online shopping or thrift store.
Happy Creative Junk Decorating!



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