Day Tripping in SE Iowa

I still can’t help but be giddy and have butterflies in my tummy when I’m on the way to an event or shoppe, whether it’s new to me or I’ve been there before.  Will there be a wonderful treasure, maybe something I’ve never seen before, or will the treasure be that one thing I’ve been looking for for years with a great price?  Is the weather going to cooperate & be breezy like I hope?  There are those times when the weather is crappy.  You know what I mean?  It starts getting cloudy & then you hear thunder in the distance, the wind picks up & all of a sudden the flea market becomes a sprint race back to the car through the crowd & now you’re navigating your flip flops around mud puddles, ha.

I’m happy to report that our day trip on August 13 was not one of those occasions; it did not disappoint.  After Junk Hunk Hubby picked up a few things at a little flea market not far from us, we then headed NW to Colfax & Spring City Vintage.  I first saw this adorable shoppe’s Facebook page over a year ago & had long wanted to see it for myself.  I was thrilled with it!  In fact, it surpassed my expectations!  The store front {image} is very welcoming & charming.  Once inside {images} I was in love with it all, from the time worn walls, to the punched tin ceiling to the variety of ironstone.  I’ve long loved the look of ironstone but had never purchased any pieces.  Immediately, it was something I had to have {image of small pitcher}.  There was also a green McCoy vase I snatched up {image}.  As you can see from the pictures, the place is packed with great finds!

My first Ironstone !
Front right: green McCoy vase with curly arms & feather design added to the collection ~ swoon !

Julia is the owner.  She frequently has helpers from the local P.E.O. organization {Chapter B.A.} working alongside her {P.E.O. is a philanthropic organization where women celebrate the advancement of women; educate women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans & motivate women to achieve their highest aspirations}.  During my visit I met Julia & her helper, Patty; both were super nice, very down to earth & helpful!

She contributes a lot of her success to the group along with the wonderful help from her husband, Brian, “puts up with my creative endeavors”, her sister, Joni Moffitt, & a great landlord, Brad Magg, “who understands the trials & tribulations of being an entrepreneur”.  She also appreciates the help she receives from Colfax Main Street.

Although it is an occasional store, open on the second Saturday of each month, Julia is also happy to take appointments by special request & try to make it fit well around her family’s schedule.  She also opens up for special occasions such as Colfax events & festivals.

She actually began with an antique booth in Newton & have moved storefronts twice.  The farmhouse trend seems to be popular, this is how she decorates her home & it’s easy to find pieces in this style at the shoppe.  I’m very fond of it myself.  Now that we’ve repainted the living room in a gray that Joanna Gaines from Fixer Uppers uses, I’m adding/removing pieces related to the farmhouse look. Inside, fresh products & the always changing vignettes are a visual treat with many vertical displays which really maximize the space.  Her favorite things are finding merchandise, staging the store & visiting with people.  You’ll find vintage style jewelry, old books, lots of fantastic furniture pieces, ironstone, select vintage clothing pieces, chairs, topiaries, pictures, picture frames, mirrors & lamps to name a few.

Julia loves that she’s able to be a part of Colfax’s historic downtown.  She has a background as the Colfax Main Street Program Director that serves well in the business part of Spring City Vintage.  The store name came from the town’s history, rich in mineral water dating back to the early 1900’s, Colfax was originally called Spring City & Julia thought it was a fitting name & I couldn’t agree more!

Here are some great pictures I was able to get during my stop & between all the other visitors, enjoy!


Luckily, Julia is open this coming weekend, September 10th.  If you junk lovers get a chance to stop in, you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was & maybe I’ll see you there!

Happy Vintage Junking!


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