Ads {stay with me} on Magazine Monday

Okay, let me explain…normally, the worst part about TV shows or magazines are the ads. Some can be pretty annoying but I’m not going to bore you with those.  I’m talking about the cute, fun & eye-catching ads that I have spied in between the articles & images I share here every Monday.  Whether it’s Flea Market Decor, Flea Market Style {vintage issues} or Prairie Style, there really are some fun things to see.
Sure, I might not ever get to a flea market event in Washington or California, but a junking girl can dream, right?  And of course I want to check out their websites.  Some are online retail places where you want to arm-chair shop.  Others are actual events, although far from me in the Midwest, I see lots of new junk overs on JMTSH’s Facebook page that could be in the area.  How great for you all!
I’ve listed here some of my favorite ads, for various reasons & I hope you’ll check them out too:


This online retailer is wonderful!  Their metal, aqua, embossed mail box happily lives in our bedroom.


This ad alone is great: fun font, floral design & the colors just pop!  Who wouldn’t put this event on their calendar?


This is chalk AND clay paint…has anyone heard of clay paint?  Have any of you tried this paint?  The color chart features some gorgeous hues.


Again, this ad made me stop & check it out:  the font {can you tell I’m font girl?}, the colors & images are very inviting!


The imagery here completely matches part of the name: Vintage!  Can you see the backdrop is creamy painted bricks? Oh, yeah!


This is a fun ad= you immediately know they have yard/garden items & have a style all their own.


One word:  JUNK!  Several locations to get your junk on; let’s go!


Don’t you just love chickens?  This ad is super cute & it comes with a great referral!


Wow, there has to be an event in your area, right?  Bring the vintage to me too {& I love that image, reminds me of Dottie Angel}.


This one is in my area, yippee!  The November date is on my radar.


Aqua always gets my attention.  This logo: with the mixed fonts, scrolls, dots & more really draws you in!

Check them all out {Facebook pages, Instagram, websites & the whole shebang}!  Let me know what you found, liked & bought or plan to visit!

Happy Junk Ad Shopping!


Home  / Each location has it’s own FB page / Each location has it’s own website


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