Cottage County on Magazine Monday

Hello Magazine Monday Junk Honeys!

The minute I saw the cover of this magazine, I was in love.  It was on the newsstand, just waiting for me I know it.  Magazine collectors, don’t you get that same feeling sometimes? When the editors get it just right & the cover draws you in only to be more overjoyed with what’s inside?
This issued does not dissappoint!  Romantic Homes presents Cottage Country, the Rustic Revival Fall 2016 issue.  It’s chalked full of 100+ pages of country, cottage, vintage, rustic collections, styles, etc. that are sure to pique some interest!
I have to tell you though, that my favorite article starts on page 82.  ” Nature’s Palette” highlights a creative lady, Vibeke Svenningsen, { Vibeke Design Group} who lives in a  beautiful home in the woods of Norway.  Her Facebook page is something I stumbled upon a while ago.  The Scandinavian style has long been a favorite of mine.
The photography shared on her blog & Facebook pages are incredibly beautiful.  There is a touch of English cottage as well as French inspired decor.  From room to room & out into her garden, it’s just lovely.  To see these for your self, visit her here: Vibeke Design Blog.
There is more paper eye candy so see if you can find this magazine!

Here are some charming photos from the magazine that really capture the essence of what this issue is about:

Cover of the Fall 2016 issue
This is a great article that all collectors will really relate to.
Oooooo, Mason Jars!  I never get tired of them!
Don’t you just want to hand out here for a few hours, if not longer?  Uh huh, me too!
Cottage Love ❤ 
The kitchen & bathroom are quaint & simple!
Here is Vibeke’s story:
The photography many times has the most adorable vignettes!
Often times it’s a scale with linens & enamelware.
The mix of greens, blues, creams & browns are beautiful.
Paint can do wonders, right ?!?!
~ French Country Cottage & Tips ~
See how easy it is to make this faux vintage framed art.
Aqua at it’s finest, swoon!

No matter your style, I just know you’ll love if not at the very least, be able to appreciate the decor in this magazine….Happy Monday Junkers!


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