Granny Chic Design

Hello Vintage Thrifters!

Quite a few years back {2007 to be exact} this amazing crafter started a blog about her alter ego, named Dottie Angel who lived at Mossy Shed .  She coined her style as Granny Chic & I was hooked!  Alas, Dottie’s world became quiet this March with owner Tif’s last post {sniff} but luckily for us the blog remains in its original wonderfulness.  Every so often I walk down the lane & say Hello! to Ethel, her trusty sewing machine, Shark, her new iron & Gladys, her air-stream @ Mossy Shed.
Tif is the creator of this magical place.  Her sing-songy ramblings certainly do entertain & give you the feeling you could knock on her door & sit for a spot of tea all the while chatting about grand thrifty things.  Tif’s real life does resemble Mossy Shed a bit, it’s all sort of intertwined & drawns you in.
Clicking on her About Moi blog tab gives you all the necessary details to keep things straight, if you want.  She gives encouragement with such sayings as “2.  do follow the righteous and goodly path of thriftiness”  That is very good advise by the way.  Dottie Angel has all sorts of fun things going on.  She collects vintage fabrics, lace & doilies & does create & imagine the nicest of home accessories.  Knitting is a favorite past time of hers.
Tif has penned two books:  Granny Chic:  Crafty Recipes & Inspiration for the Handmade Home by Dottie Angel & Dottie Angel the peachy craft world of tif fussel {both links here are via Amazon since these publications are now out of print}.  I have had my books {both bought in eBay – did you know there is an eBay.uk?} for a few years.  They are dearly cherished!  Although I’m not a daily crafter like Tif, despite trying, it is lovely to see the world through Tif’s rose colored specs.
I’ve long wanted to share her universe & as I pull my books out to collect information, I find it’s impossible to get all the tid bits into this post!  So my suggestion is, of course, to nab the Granny Chic bibles for yourself & get to know this exciting place.
You’ll notice she has a distinct style of photography.  Most of her ‘self portraits’ include standing on a bench of some sort {be sure to read about Instagram Bench Monday’s} with her form from the shoulders down only.  She’s known for adding small embroidery stitching to the most ordinary of garments.  Slips and aprons and clogs are some of her favorite attire & I have to say I love the style.  And there are those times when she shares her most thriftiest treasures & you can just about hear her heart skip a beat that precede these adventures.
Thrifting just goes hand in hand while decorating with vintage, antiques & junk is why I am including this Granny Chic style legend in my blog.  It’s all about blending & making your house a home with what ever makes you wild with content.  It’s about embracing found items in their original condition.  Not to be confused with shabby-chic which is more of the romantic style.  Granny Chic is more homey & comfy but making sure it’s quaint & things don’t clash.
See how she’s captured the hearts of trend followers with the Granny Chic style!

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Happy Vintage Thrift Shoppe Shopping  🙂

Find Dottie Angel blog here ❤


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