Autumn Decorating @ Magazine Monday

Have I mentioned, I love Fall?  LOVE, Autumn?  There is not one thing about it that I don’t love.  Okay, other than it doesn’t last for 7+ months of the year, yah, maybe that one. 
There’s nothing better that the crisp, fresh, cool air; the fragrance of pumpkin, smoke from leaf piles burning, wool blankets; & the way it just seems to make the world a better place.
I recently picked up Country Sampler’s Special Autumn Decorating @ the local market. Once again, the cover had me at first glance.  I thumbed through it quickly & waited to savor all the glorious Fall pages until I got home, not wanting to ruin some of the surprise. This magazine is still available 🙂  Click on Autumn Decorating above to find the link to order one if you can’t find it in your area.  They even have the 2015 back issue available!
Honestly, if I shared all my favorite photos from this issue, we’d both be here all day. Instead, you’ll be ready to get your own after these few photos:

Magazine cover being photo-bombed by my Bundt pan Autumn wreath!
This old, chippy, adorable urn has SO many possibilities….but with the pumpkins & corn stalk it really shines.
There as so many great ideas in this issue & so little time!
FULL tutorial on how to make this cute sunflower bunting/garland all yours or as a gift; who wouldn’t want one?
The whole house is getting an Autumn makeover here ~ SWOON!
More How-To’s: they’ve even included a coastal decorating as a possible avenue, how thoughtful to this sometimes forgotten style!
Is the paper flower thing catching on?  I think so!


Where can I find a picture like that to zhuzh up ?
I loved how this ad about ‘Christmas Traditions’ is getting in the Autumn spirit!

Well, now I know you are craving more so get over to the link above & get your Autumn Decorating mo-jo going.  Just think too of all the fabulous junkie things you can add to these ideas: wire baskets, a little wooden-chippy fencing, or group some oil/gas cans around the pumpkins along with this vines.  Currently I’m on the hunt for wild rose hips and bittersweet!



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