A little junk around the neck…

Junk isn’t just about the adventure, the thrill of the hunt, the decorating your home or yard, it’s also about adorning yourself !!!

Are you familiar with etsy.com?  It started as a place for crafters to sell homemade wares but has grown to be so much more.  You can find handmade, artistic, vintage & new {although I don’t think new is supposed to be there}  items.

Last Winter I lost one of my favorite World Market earrings at a canvas painting party. You’ll never guess what – I found another one, yes, just one on etsy!!!  I know, impossible to believe.  Only difference was the stone was a different color but who’s going to notice, right?  Well, this is a good example of how you can find remarkable things there…..like this necklace I had to share with all my junk loving friends here!  What do you think ?!?!

How cool is this necklace?
There is not one thing I don’t love about it!
Even the business card is cute!

This necklace has it all:  patina, charms, baubles, lace, silver, a long chain, some turquoise & a bit of sparkle!  The lace & winged aqua heart dangle just above the ‘junkin gypsy soul’ stamped & hammered pendant with charms of an aqua stone, old telephone, arrow, key & vintage fan.  Be still my junk lovin’ heart ❤

Be sure to check out Katie’s other fabulous trinket gems at:



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