First-Ever Midwest Antique Fest & Flea Market: Kirksville, MO


Hey all you junkers around & in the Midwest!  We were lucky enough to get to the first flea market in Kirksville, MO at the Nemo County Fairgrounds last weekend = the Midwest Antique Fest & Flea Market!  It’s not a far drive for us & this time of year who doesn’t love to go for a nice leisurely Fall drive?
We got there just as they were opening & we weren’t the first ones there either.  What a good sign!  When we first walked up I could see lots of outdoor vendors, many with white canopy tops.  The darn wind was playing havoc with some of the lighter items & the dust was kicking up but that didn’t deter the visitors.  The food trucks were getting ready for the crowds: the aromas were enticing & the canned pop was ice cold.  One Amish gentlemen was nice enough to get the garden hose out & spray down the gravel that seemed to swirl up the dust.  There were also two large Morton-style buildings full of goodies too!
You know me & frames, I was able to nab this unique aqua/burlap one >
I also seem to have a love for maps >
Maybe it was all that traveling we did when I was younger?  I found a couple prints over at DK Design Studio & a wood block {it’s a Christmas gift so no image, sorry}.  Little did I know when I got home that the prints fit perfecting in the frame = double score!!  I’m going to zhuzh up the frame a little & give it to Junk Hunk Hubby for Christmas {shhhh} so be on the look out for that TIY post soon.  Another big supporter from the beginning for this event has been Cherry Grove Antiques!  They have some great things & I’ve been seeing their name around a few junk circles so I’m sure you will too 🙂
This event wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Lindsey & Brittany, event organizers & long time family friends, that have a love of junk, vintage & unique shopping experiences {how cute is that? & who can relate?}!  They had long wanted to see more events in the Midwest after visiting flea markets throughout the US so they just decided to take the plunge, so some investigative work & dive into making it a reality.
Their experience certainly is coming in handy & compliments their passion for junk.  They want this event to become a semi-annual Spring & Fall destination for enthusiast & vendors alike.  The firmly believe in a ‘go-big or go-home’ attitude & have many goals to make it a success.  One challenge was getting new, first-time vendors on board, it’s a big investment for them.  I can see their enthusiasm was contagious, they had a great variety.  The combination of high quality merchandise with friendly vendors, live music & great food make this a fun family & bring-a-friend atmosphere sure to get the attention of antique, vintage, up-cycled, new & artisan admirers!
After we soaked up all the junk @ MAFFM we drove around town to see what else Kirksville had to offer.  The lady at the Princess Emporium was friendly & I found the most adorable wooden birdhouse decorated in Fall foliage >
the wooden birdhouse if perfect with a vanilla candle, vintage alarm clock & some aqua glass
She asked if we’d been to the flea market & I told her we had bee their earlier.  She mentioned it was the first one in town & how excited everyone was about it.  What a super nice way to spread the word & give support to a local event & good example of the sense of community we witnessed!
Here are some photos I was able to get {that turned out} & some courtesy of MAFFM {big thanks to them for these}:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We want to thank Lindsay & Brittany for bringing such a wonderful flea market to a nice town here in the Midwest!!!  There is room for amazing growth so be sure to put this on your radar for next year. Make sure you like their Facebook page as well to stay connected with reminders & here’s a link to their website {wanna-be vendors: get over here to save a spot for next time}.  Attention campers, there are spots to get your name on or you non-campers, there are discounts at the Days Inn & Quality Inn too.  Whoot, whoot!
After Junk Hunk Hubby & I had seen all the junk we could find @ the flea market, decided we were hungry.  Co-workers told me about Colton’s Steakhouse & oh man, was it tasty!  The huge, warm rolls {with whipped butter & honey} & salads almost filled us up before the rib-eyes & potatoes got to our table.  Needless to say we didn’t need dessert.  The Holiday Inn Express is where we stayed over night.  The desk office chair in the room with the desk was THE most comfortable chair I’d sit in!  I wanted to take it home!  Gracious staff & the nice quiet & picturesque part of town where great too.  We were up @ a decent time so we decided to head home but not before stopping at Pancake City.  Not only does the food taste homemade the atmosphere is simple & homey, nothing artificial here.
As you can tell, the Midwest Antique Fest & Flea Market is a go-to event that you have to get-to & why not aim for some adventure, make it a mini-vacation?!?  You’ll be glad you did!

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