I’m Wandering, What Can Up-cycling Lead To?

This story popped up in my news-feed on Facebook & it really got me thinking.  As much as I love to up-cycle & craft I’m guessing that there are many people that don’t know where or how to start.  If you are one of these people, please check out Pinterest, the best resource of ideas that could possibly exist & explore the possibilities!

How exciting to think that this little shop & the very concept of it, could be an introduction for little minds to start up-cycling, re-cycling & that could lead to a love of flea markets, thrift stores & antiques?  Sure they are all distinct ways to express ourselves whether it’s crafting, making art, decorating or making a gift, they are all connected with a similar thread, right?

I just love the idea that this little store has such a love of community, taking cast-off materials {aka junk !}, bringing them to a central location for others to use their imagination & create, well, anything!

This is a little piece from WKYC.com, Channel 3 tv’s website article:

CLEVELAND – Some of it came from someone’s attic, while other materials may be leftover from a local factory.
If Nicole McGee gets her wish, it will all be repurposed into artwork and useful everyday products.
“Upcycling is about looking at things differently,” says McGee. “It’s also about diverting waste materials. It’s sustainability, as well as creativity, as well as community coming together.”
Mc Gee’s Upcyle Part Shop carries everything from colored pencils and paint to skeleton keys and old industrial sampling tills — all ready to be re-imagined into something else.
“If you see beauty and potential in a plastic bottle, then where can we find value around us. in our homes, in our neighborhoods, among our neighbors, in our communities?” says McGee.

Happy Up-Cycling Junkers!

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