It’s their first: the Magnolia Journal magazine!

The PREMIER issue of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Journal magazine !

During out trip to Kirksville, MO and the Midwest Antique Fest & Flea Market we needed a few things from Walmart {cups, the ones @ the hotel are one gulp, right? & I found a couple little stocking-stuffers}.  I was having a little anxiety after a couple shoppers bumped into my cart; really, I just wanted to get out of there & then, at the check out, there it was…..the long anticipated magazine Magnolia Journal, the latest in a string of projects from the ever popular & amazing show that started it all, Fixer Upper, on HGTV.

Unfortunately, my glasses at that time were giving me problems.  A few weeks later I discovered my lenses had been cut with a 2 cm error making it impossible to read through my bifocals.  I tried that very night, in the hotel room to read with my glasses, but it was wasn’t working.  I was so determined to read this issue, I took my glasses off & savored a few pages to satisfy my curiosity.  I couldn’t wait for more!

Needless to say, as soon as my lenses were corrected, I devoured the magazine, page by page and word by word.  It is a true delight!  The articles, recipes, messages & more are as unpretentious as the Gaines’!  Simple and easy, it’s a great combination of many of the best features of other magazines.  I’m curious to know what the next issue has in store, to see what features are considered regular highlights:  What Jo is Loving, Cup O Jo & People Who Inspire, just to name a few?

As many of you readers already know, magazines are a collection of mine.  I’m a visual person, in the form of learning {rather that audio/hearing}, creating, planning adventures & enjoying life in general.  This is one that I will definitely keep 🙂   I’ve even asked for a subscription as a gift for Christmas ❤

Here are some wonderful pages for this first issue that I just had to share:

A few of  Jo’s favorites: from tote, to perfume to eyeliner.
As much as the content was wonderful, this chippy cabinet is too!
Chip tells a funny, heart-warming story in true Chip style.
Can you only imagine the goodies @ Magnolia Bakery @ the Silos? Yum!
It wouldn’t be Joanna’s magazine without some home style ~ nice!
I’ve seen Friendsgiving featured in other magazines, I think it’s a trend that is catching on for sure. Who wouldn’t want to gather with your junk peeps around this table?!?!
Barn door, enamelware, copper & party lights : did I get an invite?
To the left is a great little piece on their “We believe” favorites & to the right is their new book  ~ I’ve seen it in stores, have you?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of the premier issue of Magnolia Journal.  Here’s your way to get a subscription too!  Let me know what you think & if you get a gift too!

Happy Love for Magazines, Junkers!


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