Thoughts are turning to Christmas decorating….

Almost out of the blue, my daughter, home for the weekend, asked if I was going to put up the nativity set this year.  What a good question!  I love our nativity set, it took me a little while to find all the pieces since it had retired.  Some of your may be familiar with Williraye Studio?  It’s a folksy, whittled look of figurines that have a tiny bit of primitive to them.  They are endearing little pieces that are perfect for collecting.

When I had decided I wanted a nativity set, probably 6 years ago, I searched high & low for just the right scene.  I liked the Willow Tree series but my sister-in-law had them so I didn’t want to ‘copy’ her style.  I don’t recall where I first saw the Williraye ones, probably eBay.  I know I started with the ‘manger’ which is actually a tall, almost church looking structure that towers over the other pieces.  Joseph, the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus & an angel came with it.  I then added the three wise men, the shepherd, sheep, donkey and cow.  I found three call pine tree to give it a more outdoors feel.  Now, it was complete & I loved it.

About two years ago I opted for a new tv stand.  It’s lower, and the ‘rain mist’ color is just what I wanted.  Out went the brown, particle board entertainment center.  It was then that the nativity set stopping being part of our Christmas decor.  It always had a home on top of the old entertainment center; right at eye level when you walked by, you couldn’t miss it & how beautiful it was.

When our daughter asked if the nativity set would make a new appearance this year, I had to put my thinking cap on.  Where on earth was I going to put it?  Our living room is approximately  12′ x 14′ with two doors, one door way & a set of stairs that traffic flows in & out of making furniture placement a challenge.  There were other home decor treasures I hadn’t found a home for yet either so I was on the search for a cabinet or table with specific measurements that I could use now & when it was time to decorate for Christmas.

When picking up our daughter last weekend, we made a trip to The Stuff Store.  Two full trips around the furniture section was done before I decided on a black table in a shaker style.  It would be perfect in the corner of the living room.  I was already imagining the things I could place there before it was time for the nativity set.

Here is the current tv stand:


Not a bad little stand but obviously no room for anything else on top except the tv & a little bit of bauble.  The shelf where the ironstone and McCoy pottery are is too short for the tall manager and trees.

Here is the great Stuff Store $15.00 bargain of a table with it’s newly found objects:


The table cloth, I got from one of my favorite What Cheer vendors, hides most of the black part of the table.  I do have plans to paint the table next Spring.  The little books are from Spring City Vintage.  Until this year I’ve never decorated with books; I’m in love with this idea now.  The turquoise vase & white bird totem are from Hobby Lobby.  The aqua glass lamp is from TJ Maxx & the fantastic French bird poster in frame is from Iowa Country Mouse: when they were at The Barn in Wellman this Fall.

Here is a sample of the Williaraye nativity scene without the trees {so you get an idea of what I have}:


It’s far too early for me to get in the Christmas decorating spirit.  I’m a firm believer in one holiday at a time.  After Thanksgiving is over, we’ll get the tree, other decorations & now the nativity set as well.  I’m really looking forward to all the possibilities with this new living room addition.  When I get it done for Christmas, I’ll post more picture.  In the meanwhile, what have YOU been up to with your home transformations?

Happy Junking, Lovelies!

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