Who Loves Vintage Signage ???


Do you too notice old, vintage signs like this one?  I can’t help but take a second look when I see them & have now vowed to stop & take the time to get pictures, no matter what.  Who knows, at any minute, it could be taken down, forgotten, never to be seen or loved again 😦

I’ve driven by this one several times when I meet our daughter at Panera on the North side of Des Moines.  Sure, some of the glass is broken out but what’s left is super adorable, don’t you think?  See the arrow that brings all the little sign pieces together?  Not to mention the fonts, the classic black & white and of course the clock {love that}.

I can just see in my minds eye what the sign represented years ago… it might have been a motel sign {do they still have motels ?} ran by a Mom & Pop, with a small, outdoor pool. Right next to it a little diner that served home cooked food. Locals, travelers & tourists would stop in, maybe some had been driving on the Interstate.  They stopped to get a bite or rest for the night, on their way to see family during the summer or holidays? Or at least that’s the kind of fond memories I have of little motels when I was young,  when we lived states away from family.

Glad you stopped by today!  I’ll be sharing more vintage signs as I see them & get pictures; no more driving by, wishing I would have stopped for 5 minutes to capture the nostalgia!

Happy Vintage Sign Spotting Everyone   🙂




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