Are you a Flea Market Flip show Fan?

Having first premiered on HGTV back in 2012, Flea Market Flip, a documentary series, hosted by Laura Spencer, can now be found on the Great American Country channel.  It just started it’s eighth season this month.

Have you seen it, are you a fan?  If not, it’s worth checking out.  The basic premise is two teams of two junk lovers are given a list of items they need to buy, per the hostess, at the lowest price possible while pre-decided flea markets with the $500 they are given.  The teams then need to fix their purchased wares, if necessary, and fix-up, combine or up-cycle them into sell-able, unique, one-of-a-kind items. Given only 24 hours to shop and then 24 hours to do their magic, the hostess then has the teams set up at another flea market to sell their treasures where the most profitable team wins the competition & the top prize is $5,000.00.

At first I was super excited to watch a show about one of my favorite past times: going to flea markets.  Then for the teams to actually buy & combine items to make something new, now that’s a great idea.  I’m not big on actual competition shows so maybe that’s way it was a bit hard to watch at times.  The team members are sometimes pretty critical of the other team’s plans, items: during the restoration period & after and while selling.  Most times, Laura, the hostess, gives advise to the team needing it the most which might seem a bit unfair.

For a reality-style show, it’s a bit unrealistic.  I mean, how many people do you know that have these state of the art tools or experienced carpenters at their disposal?  In my projects, I improvise a lot.  I believe it adds to the creative process & makes you think of alternative ways to do something or make it work.  But if you have the tools & you or family/friends are skilled, you are very lucky!

All in all, it’s a fine show & you can gain some great inspiration.  For me, it’s not always worth the time to watch while wading through the other bigger chunks of time, waiting for the few good parts.  If you do want to catch it, you can find current episodes on cable & on Amazon for download viewing.

Maybe you are or will become a tried & true fan you’ll be marveled at the true junkers, hunting for treasures, giving them new life & turning it into a profit for the next junk lover who can appreciate their hard work & creativity.  Either way, watch it religiously or hit & miss, you’re bound to see that others appreciate junk & that’s pretty cool!

flea market flip before and after.jpg
Before & After Projects for FMF

Happy Flipping Junk!

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