Sometimes a story just writes itself…

A lazy day today, Junkers.  Older son got a new car so we helped him take the borrowed one back to Grandma & Grandpa.  Then it was time for College Daughter to go back to the apartment & school for the week.  Mid-day it started to mist, then it was a full rain, making it feel much colder than it is {I refuse to call it cold outside yet}.

I did manage to put the Autumn/Halloween decorations away & traded them for the Winter/Christmas things.  By the time I got the craft room/office moved around to navigate all these sacks, boxes & totes I was out of the mood to actually decorate.  Oh well, isn’t that what a rainy day is for?  It’s perfect for doing nothing, so that is what I’m trying to perfect today.

While cruising Pinterest, clicking on this and that, I found myself far from the original image that brought me to:  Lismary’s Cottage.  After the last click, I realize the page was loading slowing because it is translating.  From what language, I’m not sure.  Not all the words were able to cross-over so it’s a bit involved in reading but you get the gist of it.  A few minutes later I saw, at the bottom of the page, another post that looks like it was worth seeing called “Don’t throw anything away…”  It could be a story of vintage nature, right?

Of course it was.  It was about the author’s Grandmother, Grandparents, doing what they do best, teaching us, telling stories from their life experiences ‘with love & wisdom’ ❤  It lead into hard work & cooking with the lessons that can be learned from their struggles. This seems to be a poignant moment as I’m reading it on the weekend of Thanksgiving when we are reminded to be ever so grateful for the people in our lives & when I’ve just finished a family cookbook, on my Mom’s side.  It gives me reflection, a few stolen moments to think about what is really important in our lives & to make sure we consciously think about that more often.


I hope this finds you all you junkers in a peaceful, vintage mood!

If you’d like to read the blog entry, here is the link; enjoy:


Thanks to LisMary’s Cottage!  {Funny thing, I looked for her Facebook page long after I wrote & edited this post but so glad to have found it here !}




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