Snowman Zhuzhed-Up Gifting

Happy Thursday, Junk Lovers!

Keeping in the snowman theme from yesterday, I thought I’d show you a recent TIY {try it yourself} project I finished.  A few months back, my Mom & I spied the Hope Ministries Encore Thrift Store on Merle Hay Road in Des Moines.  Luckily we had a few minutes before meeting College Girl for lunch 🙂

Among a few other items, I picked up this smaller wooden snowman.  My first thought was, “I can easily change that felt scarf.”  It sat on the craft table for about a month but I was busy working on co-worker ornaments.  While waiting for the Mod Podge ornaments to dry I looked over at the snowman thinking:  I need to work on that.

I immediately took off the red felt scarf & it already looked better.  Idea popped:   I’d make ‘him’ a ‘her’.  I picked out some pink & purple paint, thinking I’d change the boots and mittens.  Looking through my ribbon tote, I found an old purple multi-yarn scarf I used to wear; perfect!

Then I was distracted again with decorating around the house & wrapping gifts.  Back in the craft room just a few days ago, I saw the forgotten snow-person.  Another light bulb: why not gift it for my Boss {@ my day job} & make it Iowa Hawkeye themed?  Yes!  I found some cute yellow & black ribbons, some buttons too; painted the mittens, boots & added a couple painted daisies; hung some tiny, cute gold ornaments on the tree branches & Wah-Lah, a very nice snow woman surely to please a die-hard Hawkeye fan family!

Here are a few images of the process & final product 🙂   Next time you see an item at a thrift, antique store or flea market, try to look beyond the colors & embellishments that it already has & imagine what it could be!

Cute as is, but could be better….
Getting inspired to make the snow-person more feminine with pinks & purples. 
Hawkeye black & gold with a few girlie touches ❤ 
What girl doesn’t love flowers?
The scarf almost covers up the buttons, but it adds layers and contrast.
Dottie floral affect on her hat to give it a softer look.

Happy zhuzhing up your crafts, Thrifty Junkers!


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