Get Planning Your Vintage & Flea Market Events &/or Trips for Next Year

Hi Junk Event Planners 🙂
This is the time of year I like to get a new calendar & start planning next years’ trips! I’ve long used IowaAntiqueNetwork.com‘s website to find fun place to got, even before I started my own page here @ JMTSH.
They already have some event notices posted for June/July! I put almost all of them in my junk planner {yep, a planner just for junk stuff} & then keep my fingers crossed I get to at least a few. Does that happen to you too junkers : you put fun things on your calendar & then something else comes along? Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that 2017 is the year we make to a record number of epic events!
Happy Event Planning Vintage Lovers!
 Via IAN.com:”We are posting events and happenings in 2017 now and want yours….🙂There were close to 500 listings in 2016 making the Upcoming Events page an Iowa favorite to plan a weekend or day trip.
Event must be have antiques, vintage, primitive, uniques and hand made items to qualify.
Send info, name, location and times to IowaAntiqueNetwork@gmail.com
To have your event logo/flyer added to the Happenings slide show and linked back to your website or social page let me know and I will send info…”

your-event-here    <<<<  Get your shoppe, event, etc. posted !!!


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