Hand-made Stockings from Goodwill Finds!

Hello Christmas Spirit Junkers!

Last year, before Christmas, I was inspired by Pinterest to make all new stockings for the family.  I wanted to make them unique & with used items.  That’s when inspiration hit & I went to Goodwill to get some wintry patterned flannel & old sweaters.

I found some flannel pajama bottoms in red: plaid, snowmen & snowflakes.  New to the thoughts of a Scandinavian=themed Christmas dancing in my head, I wanted some Nordic-style sweaters too.  I found a nice gray cable knit that I’ve used this year as a cabinet cover {like a table cover or runner}.  I’ll share that soon.

Meanwhile, back to the stockings.  I first made a template from one of the old/tired stockings we’ve had for a few years.  This time I made it bigger {you never know what you might want to surprise them with}.  I used some of the waistbands, banding & ribbon that were part of the pajamas to further embellish the stockings.  I added some other ribbon I had on hand & the embroidered little doggie faces are from an International eBay seller.  They look just like our three little Girls: Pebbles, Daisy & Ruby so no names were needed, we can tell who’s is who’s right away!

See the picture captions for further instructions on what I did.  You can alter these as you go with what you have around the house to your taste.

Template made from card stock weight paper from my scrap-booking stash.  Allowed some extra for seam.  I used the legs of the jammies, that way I could use one side edge of the pre-made seam!
Satin ribbon waist tie removed to use as one of the stocking’s hanging loop.  Notice the think silver thread in the plaid, perfect for our little silver Pebbles.
Just on the inside of the waistline was hidden polka dot flannel.  Already gathered the hard part was done for me 🙂  I then put it on the outside at the opening of the stocking & used the ribbon to finish the open seam.
I just cut off the elastic waist making sure I kept the existing seam intact.
Pebbles!  She’s our senior pup ❤
Cutting another stocking with the flannel snowman jammies.  This one is for Ruby, our Jack Russell Terrier.
No fun surprise waistband on this one or even ribbon so I found some in my ribbon tote that looked great!


The snowflake flannel did have this gray ankle band….hmmmm what to do with it?

Here I’m tacking on the embellishment of three straw-type strings that have wooden beads & stars glued on sporadically.  It’s whimsical!
Ruby’s little embroidered puppy head is almost lost among the snowmen but still oh so cute!
Daisy is our Boston Terrier, hard to miss this one.
Plaid Pebbles, our Maltese/Shih Tzu.
No mantle at our house but just under the trio of living room windows are these puppy stockings.  Big enough to hold treats & toys!

Merry Christmas Thrifty Junkers!


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