Belated Christmas {Junkin’} Gift was worth the Wait!

Our poor daughter was upset that a couple of my gifts were not going to make it in time for Christmas.  I, on the other hand, am always more excited to give than to receive, so it really didn’t bother me.  The anticipation was gnawing at me though, ha.

This year, we tried a new system for my wish list, I made a Pinterest board.  That way all the family had to do was have Dad aka Junk Hunk Hubby, to provide the debit card & our daughter did the rest.

My package arrived today.  OMGosh was it worth the wait!  TWO tee shirts from Pink Lemonade Co.  The fabric is light weight {I’m rarely chilly so it’s perfect} but not flimsy & the graphics are a great size with wonderful colors; the pictures below don’t do them justice.

The PLC has a website here too with a lot more products than just tees so jump over there to get your junk on!

Rust, a crown, jar, florals, a key & more = LOVE!
A classic truck, leopard print & arrows = LOVE!

Here’s to Junkin’ in Style!


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