Happy New Year Junkers!

I can’t tell you all how happy I am that you all are here with me sharing the best of the junk world & more  🙂    I’m excited to be sharing more events, doing TIY projects, introducing new businesses, making new friends & making JMTSH a place that you really enjoy!

With any new year, we have grand ideas and intentions to improve areas of our lives for the better.  As I get a little older {2016 = 50 yo} I am more accepting of the real person I am & know that big changes do not usually work.  Instead, I’m going to make some smaller adjustments.  I need to be less of a full-on planner & try to let adventures be more spontaneous.  This is what Junk Hunk Hubby & our daughter call “winging it”; they often just get in the car and go.  Yes, let’s do more that that!

Will any of you be doing any ‘adjustments’ to your life or lifestyle in 2017?  No matter what it is, remember to have fun & do something that makes your soul happy!




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