Time to Un-Christmas the House?

There is a lot of discussion on Facebook among my friends about when we all are packing up Christmas in the house.  For some, it’s a tradition when it goes up & when it all comes down.  Some of my friends posted they started they day after Christmas, some were after New Year’s Day, some in between & some still have their up.  Where are you at in this time line?

We {or I should say “I” now, now that the nest is mostly empty} don’t have a set day for decorating & un-decorating, but it has been put away.  All except the porch things.  I figure since they are snowmen & it’s only snowed a bit over 3″ so far this year, I might was well leave them out.

Normally I share my favorite magazines on Monday but I’m getting out of that habit.  I’m going to just try & post when the mood strikes.  If you’ve been around there much, you’ll know that besides junk, I do love me some magazines….always have.  I’m a visual person so it’s maybe a comfort thing?

When I saw cottage white magazine on the newsstand, I thumbed through it, like I do all of them & this one was a gotta-have issue.  I don’t recall seeing this one before, it has very little advertising & there are no subscription card inserts.

I thought it would be fun to share with you my favorite images.  I’m going to include my thoughts on each image with a junky twist as well so we’ll just see where it takes us so hang on 🙂  Of course, I’d love your feed-back as well: what you like, what would you change, would you add anything,etc.  It’s always fun to hear others thoughts on design.

cottage white….magazine….yum

How’s that for a cover?  It’s scrumptiously comfy & inviting!  Having long been a silver over gold accent person, even in jewelry, I’m coming around to the gold.  Not brass but a rich gold, shiny too.  I’m not opposed to the two different side tables.  My guess would be that one spouse doesn’t need anything on their side as far as ‘things on a table’ goes but the other one does.  We’ve never had a bedroom big enough to have room for anything on both sides of the bed but if we did, I’m not sure if I’d have to have both sides match, would you?

personal or guess bedroom?

Either way, I’m loving this space.  The thin knit/crocheted throw appears to be vintage.  Whether it is or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s pattern is so charming!  That chandelier, oh yes, even in pink.  I have a chandelier Pinterest board even.
The green tufted head-board could be a TIY project too.  The pillows are shabby chic indeed {Grandma would love them!}.  This side table is well hidden under another shabby item, the tablecloth & with the glass round over it, it provides a great space for favorite family pictures, fresh flowers & a sweet crystal lamp.
The colorful framed picture reminds me of Papaya Living & Anahata Katkin’s artwork.  I wouldn’t change a thing.
Be sure & read the valuable information in this section about the weave of bedroom fabrics, fabric care & even the advantages to using vintage linens!

Farmhouse meets Coastal in this segment

For kitchens, this reminds me some of Fixer Upper sytle: the corbels, the tone of colors, the open shelves & vintage-like light fixtures.
A few things I would change are:  the paint color of the corbel under the counter.  It seems to be peach; I’d do white.  I’m not crazy about the black legs on the bar chairs, I’d prefer white or natural wood.  One thing I can’t figure out is the shelves: one side is white, the other side is wood color.  Are you wondering the same thing?  What else catches your eye?
The articles itself is great & the other images are pretty.

the light in this room is fantastic

The vintage/junk things in this room that stand out are the weathered round coffee table, the shiplap-like wall clock to the left, the simple yet sweet little panned glass window on the window sill & the drawer on the coffee table as a tray to corral some pretty things.
The turquoise cabinet is a nice size for the room & I love the slip-covered furniture.
I might have to add more color & what better place than throw pillows?  Did you all notice the rusty birdcage on the end table? Love it!

vintage bedroom charm

Another leaded glass pane on the big window sill, I think they’re on to something!  The overstuffed chair is very inviting but instead of pillows, how about a big antique quilt or throw?  I love the glass knobs on the dresser.  The wood floors & furry rug give a warm feel. Could you sit here all afternoon reading magazines?  Yeah, I think so too!

one of my favorite pictures

Loves:  the nest mixed-media art on the wall, the warm mint big-weave throw, the texture & pattern of the pillows, the rattan coffee table & the honeycomb design on the inside of the tray.
What do you think of the light sconces on either side of the artwork?  They definitely make a statement & give a French feel to the space but I’m just not sure about them.  And what about a real nest {I’m collecting these now} in the tray with maybe a candle?

tone on tone

There are some very cool things going on in this room.  For one, I’m sold on the two chairs! The spindles are great.  The chippy round coffee table with glass top is just the right size. There’s another glass lamp, it almost looks like an old perfume bottle.  The clock on the side table gives a very vintage vibe.
I think I’d have to do an over-sized couch here.  The chairs are taller than the couch, it seems off balanced to me.  Oh….maybe something in velvet?  Would that be too much?  I’ve seen then around, I think they might be back in style.  Above the couch I’d want to do something metal.  How about a few fans from a windmill?  Or a grouping of vintage/ cottage frames overlapping one another?  Can you see it?

a snippet of a kitchen

Not a lot in this picture but I think that’s what I DO like.  The simplicity of the colors: natural wood, white/cream, silver & that green, oh that green!  Those lights are just to die for, they scream vintage.  Whether they are or not, who cares, they’re adorable!
Then you’ve got that cable & chairs.  The spindles on the chair tell me this is vintage & I love that the top of the table was left unpainted.  The bead board on the cabinets on either side of the frig give a farmhouse vibe that is very popular right now that is easy on the budget.  Going with a white frig was the right choice.  Then there is the ironstone pitcher, glass & tableware, so very nice.  Don’t you agree?

yes, this was in the same magazine

Yep, color, in the ‘white’ magazine.  I think the message here is white is a great background for any color.  For the most part, the color items are things you can change as your taste changes, seasons &/or on a whim.
The pillows, plates, slip-covered cushions, center table & even lamps are easy on a budget to change whether it’s different fabric or paint.  Blue & yellow is a very classic combination that I haven’t seen for a while.  Wasn’t it a ‘farmhouse’ thing in the 70’s?
This room is very symmetrical with nothing out of place.  Would that drive you nuts or give you a sense of peace?  Bookshelves yes, are meant for books but I’d have to add my McCoy vase collection, maybe some vintage clocks too…I’m just not seeing enough ‘junk’ here 🙂

another color page, for Autumn

I had to include this page.  You know, I love me some Autumn!  The table & chairs are so time worn, painted & worn again…could they tell a story or what?   The mix of pumpkins & gourds are so fun along side the rest of the table settings.
On the buffet cabinet to the left, do you see the black mantel clock.  My folks have one almost exactly like that from Seth Thomas.  They have had theirs for ages so maybe this one is vintage too?!?!  I see some tiny candle looking lights & is that a vintage camera on a tri-pod next to the china cupboard on the right?  Look at all the whimsical knickknacks in it.  It reminds me of my Grandma Bea’s, she collected salt & pepper shakers and Moss Rose dishes.

one of few ads

I didn’t find an official FB page but I did find some info here.  I hope you all enjoyed these un-Christmas magazine images & my thoughts on them.  It’s kind of fun to image what we’d do with those spaces, leaving in what we like & thinking of how to personalize them, adding vintage or antique things with junky & flea market finds.  Happy January Junkers!


2 thoughts on “Time to Un-Christmas the House?

  1. My Christmas colors of red and gold are boxed up and now come the January colors. I decorate my Christmas tree in a theme of white and silver in wishes of a white Christmas ( even for the month after)! Snowmen, ice skates, sleds, and snowflakes are the decor of my tree and home. We normally don’t see snow in South Carolina, but today we have some snow and I’m super excited! Soup is simmering on the stove and the fireplace has been aglow all day.

    One of my favorite de-stressors is to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and delve into magazines that I’ve hoarded just for this purpose. A handy notebook and pen stand ready to jot down gardening ideas, note websites to visit, and calendar flea markets and craft/antique fairs to visit. This is the “me” time that rejuvenates and redirects and soothes me. Your blog also makes me happy and sometimes I save them up for a few days to read in the early morning to start my day.

    Thank you for the joy you give!


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