Winter Armchair Vintage Shopping

Personally, I’m a visual person but I still like to physically have that paper in my hand.  I believe my magazine obsession started with catalogs when I was a teen.  Walter Drake & Lillian Vernon gave me my first glimpses into what my future apartment could look like with their gadgets & pretty trinkets.  I’ll admit, I planned my dream wedding a bazillion times from  wedding magazines, wedding dress catalogs & invitation catalogs; there was no Pinterest.

Now, with the age of technology, I have to give some of that up, don’t I?  There are so many other ways to view merchandise and  articles and news.  Of course I can’t imagine giving up my computer & wireless wi-fi though.  The endless images & information are a part of me.  It’s how I plan my adventures, keep in contact with special people, indulge in dreams & countless other avenues.

This is why I have to share what might be a well  kept secret or it could be the secret was out & I was the last to know….either way, I just HAVE to tell you about this awesome website:  www.decorsteals.com! Now that we have the holidays behind us & the drab, dreary weather grays are here for a few months, what better time to sit back & do some armchair vintage shopping!

The deals are limited but yet oh so sweet!  From yesterday until today, Today’s Steal has changed….a general store wall bin {now sold out} to a vintage grocery scale clock {these are Extended Steals} to today’s beautiful white metal cake stand with fluted edge.  They even give you blogger’s websites to see how they’re putting these vintage finds to use.  Here are those things:decor-steals-cake-stands-2adecor-steals-scaleclock1_1decor-steals-wire-shelf-1

THEN, I clicked on the Bits of Vintage in the social media column.  It opened up another window & it’s amazing!  It’s a whole other option to shopping vintage!  They have a fantastic selection; they have categories:  Antique Shop, Handmade, The Potting Shed & others.  There are collections:  Welcome In, Quaint Little Cottage, Wintery Treasures & more.  The prices are super reasonable too!  You just have to check it out for yourself!

Take a look at these things over at Bits of Vintage:

So please take my advise…even if it’s just to ‘window shop’….I’m sure you will have fun dreaming of vintage finds.  What about their metal olive basket, full of shopped firewood, with white twinkle lights sitting in the corner of the stairs – just the perfect touch after Christmas decorations are put away & you still want a bit of Winter to go with your hot mug of cocoa?  Yes, please!  See?  The options are endless  🙂

Happy Vintage Shopping Junkers! ❤


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