Upstyled Home Magazine is new from Matthew Mead

Matthew Mead has long been on the home style scene & I’ve mentioned him here before. If you aren’t familiar with him, now is the time to check out his latest project, the Upstyled Home Magazine, Clever Styling With Everyday Items.  He’s partnered with the ever long-standing & popular Country Sampler.

Inside this issue are some fresh images with tons of variety.  I was completely hooks by Matthew’s editorial notes on page 2:  ” What makes your home so distinctly you?  How you style it.  What you bring into your space and how you show it off can make your nest almost as undeniably you as your fingerprint….”

This is the message in a nut shell:  use what you have, mix in some old & new of things that speak to you & it will work, because you love it.  It’s important to remember you can always change it!  That is one of the reasons I share the magazines I do.  What I like is something you might not like and visa versa.  Whether we shop at antique store, thrift shoppes, small business boutiques, tag sales, At Home or Target department stores, garage sales, flea markets &/or Grandma’s attic go with your gut, style with what you like, use influences around you & bring it together.  Magazines can be a vehicle to get there.

You’ll be hard pressed to not find something in Matthew‘s magazine that sparks interest: a collectible, a different way to display a vignette, groupings, lighting, furniture or a color you’ve never tried.  I found after taking down the Christmas decorations that I wanted to mix things up in the living room.  I dug out some frames I had put away, regrouped them on a door we keep closed between the living room & the ‘extra’ room & I love it.  Try something new & let these images fire your creativity in home restyling.  I’m going to share my favorite thing, let me know yours!

This is what you need to look for on news stands.
Matthew’s wise words!
Up-cycled mold, reminds me of my Bundt pan Autumn craft project.
Had to share the pet page 🙂
Tiny grape hyacinth are one of my favorite Spring flowers.
Styling tips:  I love the flowers in the birdcage.
Here it’s the vines wrapping around the window !
This stencil, mimicking a stoneware design is genius.  {Note to self!}
It’s great to see Mary Emmerling’s feature pages.
I’m not very brave with red but I love that headboard.
Is unity your style? I try but I go back to ‘my style’ which is a bit more mixed.
Primitive yellow or mustard yellow, either way you spread it {yep, my attempt at a pun} I like it but I think I like those vintage plates more.
I love everything about this page: the headboard, bedding & the suggestion of vintage linen care.
Love the shelf & stenciled headboard!

Happy Upstyling your Home Junkers!


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