Trends that Return, Is it your Style?

I’ve never claimed to be a professional decorator & I couldn’t if I wanted to be.  My preferences are just too strong & some styles {Asian or Moroccan, for example} are ones that I wouldn’t have enough imagination to do it justice.  I don’t normally follow or pay much attention to the latest craze.  Now we’ve heard before that not only home decor but fashion tends to cycle & eventually come back around.  I’m okay with that, I can overlook the ones that don’t appeal to me, right?  Uh….ok, maybe not all of them.

I happened to notice {as did some of my Facebook friends} that last week’s Fixer Upper episode “Country Goes Ultra-Modern” featured, hold on, macrame.  Yep, the super popular 70’s & 80’s DIY projects or pre-made home accessories.  Joanna Gaines had put some plants in macrame holders.

What do you think?  See if full home’s photo gallery at:  


Joanna even has her own macrame plant holder DIY project instructions so you too can get this look with a personal touch:  https://magnoliamarket.com/macrame-plant-holder/

I remember having a spider plant hanging in my bedroom for years in a white macrame holder.  I have no idea what happened to it after the plant passed away.  How many of you have had any macrame or remember your Mom, Aunt or Grandma having some around the house?

After some searching on Google & Pinterest I’ve learned that this is not the only fad making a come back this year.  According to Better Homes & Gardens online, shag carpet, wallpaper & mid-century design are some designs you are going to see.  I’ve seen wallpaper for a few years now along with some mid-century pieces here & there but shag carpet?  Wow, wouldn’t have guess that one, would you?

Here’s the BHG image I found online at:


Here’s a few more images I found on Pinterest that are actually FROM the 70’s.  They definitly bring back some retro memories:

From lampshade, to plant holder to wall hanging.
Look at all those plants?
Hanging table, that’s a good one!

Well, I can’t say that I’ll be having any macrame in my home.  Now the wallpaper, that’s a more likely option.  Like I said before, some tastes are not for me, same as my choices aren’t going to work for others but it’s going to fun to see how this years trends are going to compare to those in the past.  What pieces would you be willing to add to change up your home?

Happy Junkin’ Trend Setters!

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