Vintage Style magazine: Let’s re-make that room!

Hi Junkers!  Well, I have a confession to make….as much as I LUV sharing with you all my favorite magazine images, I was working on a post last night & actually bored myself, lol! It’s not easy this time of year to come up with things to talk about.  Sure, I have my junk planner full of fun places to go but it’s February, I live in the Mid-West & still work full time.  That combination doesn’t lend itself to much junking.

We’ve talked a couple times about arm chair shopping & where you can pick up great vintage, junk & antique deals in the comfort of your own living room.  Shopping for these things is one thing but I often think you already know how to mix & match, have the bravery to try new things & know what direction to take it.  Well, shame on me!  Mostly I share the magazine images to give you inspiration…but what if you can’t find those decorating pieces, what then?  Well….I had a lightbulb-turning-on moment today & thought, what if I took a picture of a room that I like, hoping you like it too, & I’ll do the shopping for you.  And if I can’t find it, I’ll give a substitution!  So let’s have some fun & see how it goes!

I was already going to do a Magazine Monday post using the Winter 2017 issue of Vintage Style so instead here are three rooms that I adore.  Not only will I see what we can find online to try & copy the look but I might add some other decor as well.


Have grain/feed sack pillows ever gone out of style?  I think not.  I found these two:

A long feed sack pillowcase from Vintage Story Linens & a ticking pillow cover, from Cotton Blossoms Studios both from etsy:

I even found a tutorial on the double pillow case here from Jenna Sue Design Co.

The curtains were a little trickier but I found some I would use at Country Curtains.  Did you ever receive their catalog back in the 80’s?

country-curtains  Cute, right?

The ironstone pitcher holds some greenery.  I have been know to drive on a gravel country road and pick “weeds” {per my Junk Hunk Hubby} but if you want to skip that, I really like Factory Direct Crafts for all kids of craft supplies.

small_artificial_grass_bush_mediumI think this small grass bush from Factory Direct Crafts; you might need two or three to give enough fullness.

Then, there is that awesome light fixture.  Unless you wanted to spend over $300, I could find something pretty similar but I was thinking budget, so eBay was the winner with a Vintage Edison Industrial Ceiling Light like this on eBay:


As for the farm table & chippy chairs, you can check the local flea markets, thrift stores, antique shoppes & Craigslist too.  And who says the chairs have to match?


We’ve never done kids rooms here but I wanted to try this exercise here with one.


Is this bright & cheery room great?  Whether it’s twins, sisters or grand babies, this match-not-so-matchy room makes sense.

The zig zag {now known as the popular chevron?} crochet throw can be found in vintage searches on etsy:
vintage-crochet-throw = Adorbs!

Geometric curtains in a mellow yellow is just the right amount of pattern.  You can get some custom made panels here on etsy.


Now I do sew do finding some like fabric might not be too hard to find.  If you can sew a straight line, use the round hooks with clips.  If not, this is a great option to be able to measure & order.  Did I mention, etsy and eBay are normally small businesses putting their wares online so it’s good to support them online.


Yes, these match but look at the details, I couldn’t resist!  They are blue but could be painted.  That’s the beauty of most furniture : if you don’t like the color or finish, change it!
Until I did an online search, I had no idea that Chairish existed!  It carries gently loved home decor ‘Where Design Lovers Buy & Sell’.  This particular bed set was a ‘buy it now’ or ‘make an offer’ sale, love that!  Now I’ve never bought anything from here so I don’t know all the ins and outs like I do eBay and etsy but I would look into it if I found something worth it.

Instead of a vintage nightstand, which would be great if you can find one, I found a fun alternative & probably less expensive unless you score a good deal at Goodwill.  Suite cases seem to be everywhere.  Stack a few {paint them if you want} & top them with a tray & you’ve got a great stand AND storage!


As you can see, there are many ways to duplicate the decor you see in magazines with a little online search or a combination of that & some ‘junk’ shopping.  It doesn’t have to be exact & you want to put your own stamp on the rooms in your home!

Happy Home Junk Shopping!


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