Urban Heirlooms: If junk had a comedy show!

If you want to get to know some upbeat ladies, you would love to meet the gals at Urban Heirlooms in Boone, IA.  I’ve never seen them without a smile or a kind word & from what they tell me, it’s always a good time at work!  I have to admit, the turquoise {fav color} vintage camper they use as a back drop caught my attention first but after chatting with them at the What Cheer Flea Market last year, it was like I already knew them!

I picked up a salmon colored round mirror that I use now as a tray with books & candles as book ends.  A map of Minnesota also came home; haven’t got around to that project yet. But these aren’t what Urban Heirlooms is know for, they paint furniture & they do it very well!

Besides doing shows & markets in the summer, they have a store in Boone on Main Street. It’s the perfect location with great foot traffic.  Like many other small business owners, April has a mixed bag of past work experience having worked for Harley Davidson & has a degree in Criminal Justice, working in law enforcement since 1999 {and on the side is still a bail bondsman = how cool is that?}.  It’s not what she had envisioned herself doing, but April’s have a great time & isn’t that the best part, being with people you like & doing what you love?  Her daughter-in-law is the one who made the painting furniture for a living.  Now, a few years later, April considers herself a success, having expanded just in the last year to double its size.

She’s got close friends & her boyfriend as part of this amazing team.  They all have a niche & it works like a well oiled machine.  You might visit the shop to find sanding & painting in process, laughter and some Rock-n-Roll music plus a little dust but that’s part of the charm.  They are making furniture come to life with their skills.

April shared the world of junk isn’t always nice.  She’s seen store owners feel like they have competition, instead of working together.  She takes inspiration from Jennie at Roadside Relics & Sandy at Broad Street Market who are sweet & have always treated her with respect.  The thing I have noticed since being more involved in the junk industry & getting to know the shops & vendors is that no two are alike anyway, so why think you can’t be on each other’s team?  Share your strengths & you can all prosper!

If you get a chance, be sure & visit their shop in Boone & find out where they’ll be this summer as they pack up that adorable little camper & continue to spread kindness & sell furniture {& more}!  Now I want to show you some amazing picture that show how truly talented this group is:

All set up & ready for customers!
This mid-century mod piece is great!
Beautiful weather & beautiful wares!
Pin-worthy store front!
Blue ombre’ dresser with loads of details!
Some of the gang; look at those smiles!
Christmas goodies!
Another great dresser & a fun dress form!
What Cheer is where it’s at!
Vintage goods & look at that charming floor!
All those colors, ooooooo!
Antique sewing machine, retro owl, great windmill & bike!
This vignette is the cutest!
Think this cabinet was an old radio player?

Happy Urban Shopping!


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